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  • “Scarface” Takes on HSUS

    Mario Tabraue, likened to Scarface by federal agents, spent a dozen years in prison after raking in millions as a drug kingpin in Miami during the 1980s. Released in 2000, he’s now telling HSUS to say hello to his little friend: A lawsuit for defamation. Tabraue is head of the Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF), a zoo giving guests […]

  • Video: Humane Society CEO Talks Radical Environmentalism

    Our recent post on Wayne Pacelle’s “spiritual” side might have surprised some. But the truth is this strategy has been fermenting for decades. Some years back—when Pacelle was quite open about his personal goals and philosophy—Pacelle spoke about a radical, emerging worldview called “Deep Ecology,” and how the animal liberation movement might work with it and learn […]

  • Congressman with HSUS Ties Resigns After Lobbying Scandal

      Not long ago, we covered the House Committee on Ethics report on Representative Edward Whitfield, which found Whitfield provided his wife, a registered HSUS lobbyist, with “special privileges.” Politico called the report on Whitfield’s conduct “scathing.” And yesterday, Rep. Whitfield became former Rep. Whitfield. For readers who think Congress should represent citizens, and not interest groups like HSUS, the resignation comes […]