Another Animal Care Center Shut Down by HSUS?

For those who were disturbed to learn about the Humane Society’s plan to shut down the Cape Wildlife Center, we have bad news: It appears HSUS is shutting down another animal care center.

The Doris Day Equine Center has been an integral part of the Black Beauty Ranch for about 5 years. Founded with a $250k grant from the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and subsequent support of around $450k the Equine Center has helped care for and adopt hundreds of mustangs. But we’re hearing HSUS has quietly shut it down in recent weeks.

The apparent closing of the Equine Center comes weeks after HSUS revealed its plans to shut down the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts, which cared for 1,500-2,000 wildlife a year on a budget of $750,000. The announcement of that shutdown arrives at a time when HSUS is in the midst of a $2.4 million push for a ballot measure that would ban most eggs and pork from being sold in Massachusetts.

This pattern of choosing politics over animal welfare reveals the true agenda of HSUS leadership. In their obsession with taking animal protein food choices away from consumers, they’re willing to throw animals in need of help under the bus.

The depths that HSUS will go to further its political goals is outrageous and an insult to the people who trust them to use their donations to protect animals. We’ll be sure HSUS donors know to take their well-intentioned money elsewhere.

Posted on 11/09/2016 at 2:19 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • El Tucker

    It’s a very sad state of affairs here in Massachusetts. We lost the ridiculous battle by huge margin, even in my “Right to Farm” community. It is difficult to fight off a huge, well funded political machine with little funding. Consumers need to learn much more about animal behavior and how family farms care more about their animals health and safety than the vegans who live in a Disney fantasy land. This also is terrible for the poor who can ill afford to pay the higher prices of supposed “cage free” eggs from the big corporate producers, which tend to be far more inhumane, less safe and far less clean than a good caging system allow for. Most hens here are pasture raised anyway, but most of our eggs sold in grocery stores, or purchased by institutions and restaurants are from out of state. I was at a hotel for breakfast recently in Boston. They had “Cage Free” eggs on their menu, I won’t eat those! They also cost an arm and a leg! I feel horrible too, for local restaurants that already struggle and work hard to get by.

    • dogger

      All the socialist elites animal rights kooks with $500,000 salaries, can afford to pay $4 a dozen for eggs and $8 a gallon for milk raised supposedly humanely what about the average person on the street trying to feed three kids!? You know what HSUS and all the rest could care less about people they can starve as far as their concerned!!?

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    Something we needed to know….

  • Laura Crews

    GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Black Beauty Ranch has one hell of a dark side! They raided and seized several dozen Arab and Thoroughbred horses from the farm of a friend of mine in Texas. They had approached her previously and told her “there is a way to make money with seized horses,” and they invited her to join their (HSUS) ranks via Black Beauty Ranch. She refused. A couple years later, they raided her and had her thrown in jail for “horse neglect.” She had bloodlines for racing horses, with some imported animals (retired at stud). All horses were taken and shipped to hidden locations. She lost her animals, her freedom, her reputation, her land — everything she owned, including her personal possessions in her house. She was completely robbed of everything she possessed when she got out of jail, including her clothes and kitchen appliances. Neighbors didn’t even know she had been raided and thrown in jail because she lived alone. No one even knew she had been taken from her home! It is a GOOD THING that Black Beauty Ranch is going away!

    A different organization, not connected to HSUS, tried to seize my horses but failed. The scam they run is to seize show horses, then charge hundreds of thousands of dollars in “board bills” over months or even years. The ASPCA pays them $15K to seize stables of at least 8 horses. Then they charge $20-30 per horse per day, for many months. (This is a popular scam all over America.) I personally know of 160 horses this group stole, under “color of law.” The Directors of the “horse rescue” then directly pocket the “board bills”; the stolen horses are shipped across state lines to “foster homes.” Each of the four Directors netted some $150K from those horses in the span of three years. Two of the Directors were husband and wife, which means they pocketed a quarter of a million dollars between them. This “horse rescue” screens the foster homes to make sure only beginners take in the seized horses, because beginners will not recognize discrepancies in the various “paperwork” associated with the horses, and will not comprehend the intricacies of the horse community. The group targets middle class, middle-aged LAND OWNERS with show horses, and they seize ALL horses on the property. “Worthless” horses are either killed outright and bulldozed under, or shipped to slaughter in Canada via a certain horse shipper (we know who it is). The fancy, trained horses are fostered to beginner riders who are inspired to “do a good deed,” and who are delighted to have a “rescue horse” that is well trained. The group NEVER adopts horses out, because at any given time they may need to confiscate the “fostered” horses and use them again in a different location and scam.

    They actually brought horse trailers down my street but were unable to get on our property, thanks to a series of incidents. We had been warned they were en route, and we were prepared. They failed to seize the horses, and even made several other plans which we also quashed. I, along with many others, investigated this group and found out their scam.