Breaking: HSUS Lays Off 55 Amidst Budget Crisis

In what could be termed “Bloody Friday,” we learned late last week that HSUS has laid off 55 employees in the middle of a major fundraising shortfall. Our understanding is that the figure is at least $20 million.

It sounds to us like a lot of charitable donors are wising up and figuring out that the HSUS ads they see aren’t aligned with how HSUS spends their money (only about 1% is given to pet shelters to help them care for animals). Or that the mail they get with branded socks or gardening gloves translates to a lot of money wasted.

Here’s what has to be a real slap in the face to HSUS staff: Not only were six-figure-salary executives retained (and there are dozens of those around) while a lot of little fish got flushed, but HSUS has parked about $150 million into offshore funds. Apparently Wayne Pacelle, Mike Markarian, and other HSUS bigwigs weren’t willing to dip into those accounts supplied by donor contributions to keep those 55 staffers employed.

And all this isn’t even the most shocking news to emerge from HSUS on Friday. We’ll give you the rest of the story this week.

Posted on 10/24/2016 at 9:54 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Tracy

    LOVE it!! maybe we’ll see the day when these greedy corrupt scum are all flushed..along with their pals at PETA, ASPCA, Friends of Animals…list goes on..

  • laurelladesborough

    Best news I have heard in a long long time!!!

  • Kentucky red

    Sounds like some good news to me!

  • Laura Bell

    Too many of the “rescue organizations” have modeled themselves after the scamming that takes place at hsus, the aspca, peta, etc who are masters at “reaching out” on social media and hooking foolish, naive people on the Internet into sending them money to “rescue” animals even as MANY “rescued animals” are illegally killed (like what the “rescue” at the link is doing when the founder has illegally and cruelly SHOT TO DEATH at least 56 healthy rescued horses attained with tens of thousands of dollars in donation money this year alone, and HUNDREDS of the 400 they’ve “rescued” this year using donation money are MISSING and feared dead.

    Complaints to local law enforcement and animal control (the founder of the “rescue” is s former aco collecting disability checks on a fake brain injury on a slip and fall accident) have so far gone uninvestigated, so horses that are supposed to be rescued from a weekly sale using tens of thousands of dollars in donation money they receive every week are being killed or disappeared within a week or two of acquisition.

  • Isschade

    AMEN AMEN to all the comments I “liked”. PETA with a 95% kill rate is UNACCEPTABLE… and HSUS and ASPCA not even having a single shelter are just THIEVES ! Donate to your local shelters or to the SPCA… they HAVE shelters (I’ve been there) and are NOT the same as the ASPCA. Their shelters have been around as long as I have (60+ years) and DO help animals.

  • dogger

    Pacelle up to no good as usual he never fails to disappoint!!?