BREAKING: IRS Complaint Filed Against HSUS, Whole Foods, GAP

Today, we filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against Whole Foods Market, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) for what we believe is an improper profit-driven effort to benefit Whole Foods.

HSUS and surrogate animal-liberation allies are currently engaging in campaigns threatening restaurants and other companies to switch to GAP-certified meat. GAP was created by Whole Foods (its first address was the Whole Foods corporate HQ) and has been funded predominately by Whole Foods since its inception. Currently, Whole Foods is paying the salaries of three GAP employees, including the executive director.

Why was GAP created? To create animal-welfare labeling that Whole Foods could use to promote its high-priced meats.

So why did HSUS join in on the racket? Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is on the board of HSUS, while HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle is on the board of GAP. (Mackey was on the board of GAP until 2014 when he seems to have been replaced by Whole Foods President AC Gallo.)

See why it smells rotten? HSUS and GAP are both non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, yet the ménage á trois between the entities appears to benefit Whole Foods. Essentially, it sees HSUS being the “enforcer” pressuring companies to commit to only buying products certified by the Whole-Foods-employee-run GAP. That will drive up the costs for Whole Foods’ competition or cause them to face a public brand attack. It also tells consumers that GAP meat at Whole Foods is the only “humane” meat—because Whole Foods and HSUS are the ones who get to define what it means to be “humane.”

Posted on 05/08/2017 at 4:32 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • Tracy

    thank you for your vigilance!!

  • Was all this corruption a start-up under the Barak regime? Seems as though it’s been operating a number of years.

    • Jenny Thrasher

      The AR movement started in the 1950’s, I believe, but under the Obama Administration, the HSUS rose to unprecedented power through corruption and payments to campaign funds and infiltrated the USDA.

  • JanWindsong

    We know Whole Foods is not the wholesome store their image suggests. This is a new direction for nonprofits working for the end of cruelty to be associated with food production. And not a good wind.

  • 52pan

    Their agenda is ultimately to make it against the law for individuals to have their own gardens and raise their own animals for food.

  • Mary Jane Bell

    I thought the Anti-Trust laws prohibited this kind of thing? Also, this seems awfully similar to “mafia” mob bosses extorting “protection” money from businesses. Pay us or we’ll rob your business, or defile it with graffiti etc. These bozos change the phrasing just a bit to “pay to put one of our certificates on your product or we will ruin your reputation, put you out of business, vilify you and convince people that you abuse animals. We will even go so far as to use that very protection money to lobby the government into regulating you out of business by propaganda smear campaigns designed to manipulate the voters into believing “if you are not with us…then you must hate animals” so vote for our restrictions even though it will cause the cost of food to soar even higher to make sure low income families can never afford to eat at all. Then adding the extra twist of “And we won’t let you sell your product in our store, we will convince restaurant chains to boycott your product too” All just to keep the cash flowing into their pockets! whoever thought that it would be a good idea to insist on “certified” humane labels on a product to begin with… oh, yeah, the people who profit from selling those labels and have no recognized authority backing them, they self-regulate and have an agenda to eradicate the consumers ability to choose what they will. People need to stop trying to force the rest of the world to conform to their belief systems (and then these same fools think that they are different from notorious dictators like Hitler and Stalin -elitist scum. Last rant – why do people not require Non-profits to be “Certified” by an accredited agency that assures potential donors : The people running these MUST be volunteers, or at the very least be restricted to earning NOT MORE than minimum wage…AND that AT LEAST 98% of any donated amount MUST go directly to aid the intended recipient. I also think these 501c tax exempt jerks need to pay taxes just like any other business.