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  • New Video: Help Homeless Pets, Not High-Paid Execs

    Earlier this week, our new ad “Help Homeless Pets, Not The Humane Society of the US”  premiered on Tucker Carlson Tonight The ad shows a mangy dog begging for spare change, only to have a man steal the money and leave the pup with nothing. The ad ends with a plea: “Give to your local shelter, not the Humane Society of the United States.”

    The release of the ad coincides with the release of the 2017 edition of our “Not Your Local Humane Society” report showing how little money HSUS gives to pet shelters across the United States.

    We have a handy map you can share with people, in fact.

    The report, which dives into HSUS’s 2016 tax return, shows that over 50% of the organization’s budget went to fundraising while only 1% was given to pet shelters.

    Other highlights include $51 million stashed away in Caribbean accounts, $4.25 million used for lobbying, and $2.9 million in compensation for just 13 executives.

    As end-of-the-year giving begins, remember: HSUS isn’t associated with your local “humane society” despite the similar names. If you want to help shelter animals, give local.

    Posted on 12/08/2017 at 10:33 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • VIDEO: HSUS VP Endorses PETA’s Legal Efforts

    Earlier this month, we attended the Animal Rights 2017 Conference held in Alexandria, VA. This is an event for extremists; one of the main speakers was a convicted felon who urged–while receiving much applause–people to be even more radical. And though they label themselves as an “animal welfare” organization, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was right at home sitting on panels and giving speeches alongside these often violent and more transparent “animal liberation” organizations and individuals.

    It’s at places like this that you see HSUS take off its mask and show its true colors. In a Q&A after his second panel, Paul Shapiro, vice president of policy at HSUS, was asked if the highly trained animal athletes of the Ringling Bros. circus would be continuing their careers or retiring to a sanctuary. His response was telling:

    Did you hear that at the end? Shapiro first said that he wanted the animals to go to a sanctuary, but acknowledged there was no legal reason that should be the case. Then, he singled out the general counsel for PETA, Jeff Kerr, and his efforts to acquire legal personhood for animals, as a way to force future animals to sanctuaries.

    Kerr has led PETA’s effort to get Naruto, an Indonesian monkey that went viral after it allegedly took a selfie with photographer David Slater’s camera. PETA has been asserting in federal court that Naruto should own the copyright, which by default would make it a legal person.

    This is not a minor detail. Giving legal “personhood” to animals would allow PETA, HSUS, and other zealots to sue “on behalf of” these animals in court. Imagine a day when PETA/HSUS can sue old MacDonald and use his dairy cows as “clients.” It sounds nuts–and it is–but this is a fundamental change to the legal code that the animal activists want. It would allow them to easily sue any zoo, aquarium, farmer, rancher, or perhaps even pet owner they wanted to target.

    That’s what Paul Shapiro, and HSUS, wants – animals to have “rights” like people. If he has his way, we might one day have a literal kangaroo court.

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  • District Attorney Investigating HSUS


    The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) isn’t known for spending its money well. Only about 1% of its revenue goes to help shelter pets while millions go to pensions and Caribbean “investments,” but recent news out of Georgia shows another side of the organization’s poor management. HSUS sent a hidden camera to a small farm and then released the footage. The result? The farm lost its contract—even through the local sheriff and the State Department of Agriculture both declined to press any charges against the farm.

    Most people would support exposure of videos showing the abuse of animals. But what’s always concerned us is the way in which HSUS produces and releases these videos. It may film for weeks or months and not involve law enforcement at all. Then HSUS will create a big media event and release the (edited) footage. The proper authorities may be left scrambling to respond to a situation, whereas any animal mistreatment could have been stopped earlier if HSUS had only let them know. It’s a case of HSUS taking the low road while animals may pay the price.

    Interestingly, the district attorney is now investigating whether the HSUS videographer committed felony identity fraud, illegal eavesdropping, and surveillance, and theft of trade secrets.

    The DA doing the investigation, Parks White, has some words for HSUS: “We do not appreciate the moral busybodies of the Humane Society taking advantage of a lifelong farmer, whose small business may forever be ruined by the actions of your videographer. If you choose to conduct another such expose, it is my sincere wish that you do it somewhere else.”

    We suggest that HSUS stop playing “gotcha” and start playing ball. But considering the woman in charge of HSUS’s undercover filming operations is a former PETA employee, we doubt HSUS will change.

    Posted on 07/07/2017 at 10:56 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • #TBT: When WSB-TV Exposed HSUS

    We do a number of ad campaigns exposing the Humane Society of the United States and encouraging people to give to their local pet shelters, which are unaffiliated with HSUS. But enterprising reporters and investigators have also played a part in shedding a spotlight on the bad deeds of HSUS. One such instance was a 2009 report from WSB-TV in Atlanta.

    It’s a report HSUS doesn’t want people to see. HSUS bullied the TV station into taking the report off its website, no doubt flexing some legal muscle. The station issued a “clarification” that HSUS disagreed with the reporting, but never retracted the report. (Of course HSUS disagreed with it. The truth isn’t flattering.)

    But like many things on the Internet, the segment lives on. Watch it below.

    Posted on 03/02/2017 at 4:50 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Why Does the Humane Society Want Animals to Get Sick?

    There’s been a lot in the news about antibiotic resistance and how that might affect the medical community’s efforts to fight bacterial illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of antibiotic prescriptions in humans are unnecessary. And it’s this misuse of antibiotics that is helping drive resistance.

    But you wouldn’t hear that from the Humane Society of the United States. Instead, HSUS and environmental activists are trying to blame farms. Farmers, with approval from veterinarians, can use antibiotics to treat or prevent disease in animals. And HSUS is trying to ban preventive use of antibiotics, which makes as much sense as banning the flu shot.

    At CuriosityStream—a new-ish streaming-documentary venture—HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle appears in a short video discussing antibiotic resistance. And Lyin’ Wayne tells some real whoppers. So much so that we produced the video below dissecting what he says.

    After you watch it, ask yourself this question: Why is a “Humane Society” advocating for a ban on antibiotic use that will result in more animals getting sick? Hint: The answer lies in understanding HSUS’s real agenda.


    Posted on 02/23/2017 at 12:00 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Convicted Animal Rights Terrorist Sneaks on to Fox News

    Tucker Carlson Tonight is Fox News’ new 9 p.m. show following the departure of Megyn Kelly, and the ratings are good so far. Complementing this, Carlson’s fiery takedowns of guests have had good pass-around value online. But it’s too bad he didn’t know that one of his recent guests deserved a grilling instead of a friendly chit-chat.

    Last week, Carlson had on a fellow named “Kevin Chase” to talk about the USDA’s decision two weeks ago to temporarily remove its online database of inspection reports. But “Kevin Chase” is better known as Kevin Kjonaas, a convicted animal-rights terrorist.

    Kjonaas was part of the “SHAC 7”—short for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty—who were sentenced to federal prison terms. Kjonaas got a 6 year sentence in connection with inciting violence against people and companies that did business with Huntingdon Life Sciences, which ran an animal testing lab in New Jersey. The Anti-Defamation League notes, “SHAC’s campaign against HLS involved posting personal information on the Internet about its employees and about employees of firms that do business with HLS. The information posted on the Internet included phone numbers, home addresses, and in some cases, information on where employees’ children attended school. Many of those targeted have had their homes vandalized and received threats against them or their families, testimony revealed.”

    And CBS News adds:

    Prosecutors also presented testimony from an FBI agent who gathered records of Kjonaas’ telephone calls. Those showed a call from Kjonaas to a man later charged with setting off bombs outside a California pharmaceutical company, Daniel Andreas San Diego, several hours after the bombings.

    He is still a fugitive.

    Kevin Kjonaas no doubt renamed himself “Kevin Chase” in hopes that he could avoid his criminal history. And it seems to have worked (this one time) with Fox News producers. After all, his new project involves liberating beagles. Everyone loves dogs. Not only did Kjonaas fool Carlson, but conservative firebrand Laura Ingraham also Tweeted backstage photos of her with one of his group’s dogs.

    This reminds us of certain people at HSUS. Unlike PETA—which refuses to rebrand its reputation as crazy vegans—a number of HSUS leaders have conveniently changed how they act. Consider CEO Wayne Pacelle, who once admitted, “I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.” These days he’s all too happy to have his photo taken with a pet. Or J.P. Goodwin, now going as John Goodwin, who’s a senior employee at HSUS. Goodwin used to be a spokesperson for the FBI-designated domestic terrorist group Animal Liberation Front. And then there’s HSUS vice president Michael Markarian, who called “Animal Liberation Front activities” a “perfect example of effective rebellion” despite the fact that they involve illegal acts.

    The rise of “societal collapse” themes in TV shows and movies—think The Walking Dead—raises the question of how close we are from turning into uncivilized brutes. A parallel question is how close the folks at HSUS and Kevin Kjonaas are to reverting to extremists. Assuming they’ve really changed, that is.

    Posted on 02/14/2017 at 10:48 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Did You See Our Super Bowl Ad?

    We’ve got an ad airing during the Super Bowl. You might see it depending on where you live. But why wait? We’re posting it early. It’s a shortened version of our extremely popular—3 million views and counting—ad, “Lawyers in Cages.”

    If you’ve ever seen those Humane Society of the United States commercials with sad, slow music and heartbreaking images of dogs and cats, you’ll recognize what’s going on here. Just remember one thing: If you want to help pets, give to your local humane society, not the Humane Society of the United States.

    Posted on 02/04/2017 at 8:06 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • New Parody Video: I’m PETA, and I’m HSUS

    Most Americans understand that PETA, with its lettuce bikinis and gross “unhappy meals” for kids, is a radical organization. Its president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk has called pet ownership an “abysmal situation” and said, “Even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.” PETA also has killed 35,000 animals at its headquarters since 1998, according to animal custody records it files with the state of Virginia.

    If a bunch of PETA employees went to work at a different animal rights group, would you expect this organization is just as radical?

    Probably so. And that’s exactly the situation with the Humane Society of the United States. Consider that HSUS’s food policy director has trivialized the Holocaust by comparing modern farms to Nazi concentration camps. Meanwhile, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, who has said, “I don’t want to see another cat or dog born,” also once mused about a merger between HSUS and PETA.

    What’s the real difference between HSUS and PETA? Our new ad gets down to it:

    Looking for more videos from us? Check out our YouTube page.

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  • Did You See Our Oscars Ad? HSUS’s CEO Did

    Smug WayneWe ran an ad (below) during the Oscars on Sunday night to continue our mission of educating people about the deceptive Humane Society of the United States, which is ripping off animal-loving Americans and shortchanging pet shelters across the nation. Our ad notes that HSUS put over $50 million in 2014 into Caribbean “investments,” which is far more than it gave to help pet shelters care for animals. (HSUS runs zero pet shelters, despite its name.)

    HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle responded yesterday, claiming that the ad had backfired and that it resulted in donations to HSUS. Right. We’re sure the checkbooks just flew open when HSUS was exposed for putting more money into the Caribbean than pet shelters. Wayne Pacelle isn’t known for being completely honest, so we have no reason to believe what he said is anything more than trying to put spin on the fact that HSUS got socked in front of tons of people. So, Wayne: Prove it.

    More likely, Wayne’s whistling past the graveyard. What we have documented—using HSUS’s own financial statements—is that contributions to HSUS from the general public are down by millions since we started our campaign in 2010. Why? Because of the effectiveness of our ads—during the Academy Awards, in Times Square, and elsewhere. (Our latest figures are for 2014, but we anticipate a decline in 2015 as well.)

    We received a lot of positive feedback on our latest ad. So we’re going to run it again—and again, and again. And if it’s so effective in helping HSUS, why doesn’t Wayne Pacelle write us a check to keep airing it?

    Posted on 03/01/2016 at 5:07 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Disgraced NPR Fundraiser Now HSUS Chief Development Officer

    nprHSUS recently hired a new chief development officer and not surprisingly chose one with the same moral compass as the rest of their executive team. Their choice, Betsy Liley, previously worked as the senior director of institutional giving at National Public Radio (NPR). While working for NPR, Liley received national press coverage after she told a would-be donor, who claimed to work for a Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated charity, that she would help him make an anonymous contribution to NPR. For the uninitiated, the Muslim Brotherhood is designated as a terrorist group in a number of countries and wants to establish a global Islamic caliphate. They’re not exactly great guys, and they’re pretty well known.

    As it turned out, the charity with alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood was fake, and Liley’s conversation had been recorded as part of a sting operation by political journalist James O’Keefe. But Liley didn’t know that. In the recording with O’Keefe’s undercover investigator, Liley assured the operative that he could “be an anonymous donor” and “we would certainly, if that was your interest, we would want to shield you from [a government audit].”

    As a result of this total lack of judgment, NPR put Liley on administrative leave.

    Interestingly, Liley’s previous affiliation with NPR is entirely omitted from her bio page on the HSUS website. Intentional? No doubt. Head over to the Washington Post article to hear the recording from the undercover investigation for yourself.

    We’ve written before about how HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle’s wife works for Al Jazeera, a TV company owned by the Middle East monarchy of Qatar that’s now the subject of a $15 million discrimination lawsuitAccording to The Wall Street Journal, Qatar also funds and arms the Islamic terror groups Hamas and ISIS, whose brutality needs no introduction. As Forbes notes of Al Jazeera, “one of the network’s most-watched shows in the Middle East, according to the Washington Times, is hosted by a spiritual adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood who has issued fatwas approving the killings of Americans in Iraq and Jews in Israel.”

    If the emirs of Qatar want to make an anonymous donation to HSUS, could Liley hook a Muslim Brother(hood) up?

    Posted on 04/30/2015 at 4:49 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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