Did You See Our Oscars Ad? HSUS’s CEO Did

Smug WayneWe ran an ad (below) during the Oscars on Sunday night to continue our mission of educating people about the deceptive Humane Society of the United States, which is ripping off animal-loving Americans and shortchanging pet shelters across the nation. Our ad notes that HSUS put over $50 million in 2014 into Caribbean “investments,” which is far more than it gave to help pet shelters care for animals. (HSUS runs zero pet shelters, despite its name.)

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle responded yesterday, claiming that the ad had backfired and that it resulted in donations to HSUS. Right. We’re sure the checkbooks just flew open when HSUS was exposed for putting more money into the Caribbean than pet shelters. Wayne Pacelle isn’t known for being completely honest, so we have no reason to believe what he said is anything more than trying to put spin on the fact that HSUS got socked in front of tons of people. So, Wayne: Prove it.

More likely, Wayne’s whistling past the graveyard. What we have documented—using HSUS’s own financial statements—is that contributions to HSUS from the general public are down by millions since we started our campaign in 2010. Why? Because of the effectiveness of our ads—during the Academy Awards, in Times Square, and elsewhere. (Our latest figures are for 2014, but we anticipate a decline in 2015 as well.)

We received a lot of positive feedback on our latest ad. So we’re going to run it again—and again, and again. And if it’s so effective in helping HSUS, why doesn’t Wayne Pacelle write us a check to keep airing it?

Posted on 03/01/2016 at 5:07 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Marcella Covault

    Go HumaneWatch! Be that prickly thorn in Pacelle’s side.

  • Gary Nudelman

    Love love love it!

  • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

    The HSUS is a corrupt and horrible organization. I don’t see how they are still in business. They also were charged to be in violation of the RICO act. They don’t advertise that, do they?

  • Sharon McKenzie

    Love it! You REALLY need to run it on Fox News as often as you can, since HSUS has an ad on there what seems like every 10 minutes, and if it’s not them, it’s ASPCA, which is almost as bad.

  • Kathryn Smith

    AWESOME!!! I don’t watch a lot of TV, and the Oscars would not be a selection — but a terrific venue I would think for this ad!

  • caroledwards1

    What a great ad, thanks for airing it!

  • Judy Sumpter


  • Scott

    Great Job!! Keep up the good work!! The farming community appreciates the work you do!!

  • Dog Lover

    Worst Charity Goes to HSUS/HSI. But wait, HSUS/HSI is not even a charity.

  • Haliwell Hobbs

    We urgently need help to feed our 300 dogs. See our news video and details about our mission: http://www.gofundme.com/4ej3ic .Facebook: Saint Vincents Home Guadalajara Mexico

  • Dog Lover

    I don’t even buy into Wayne’s BS anymore. I’m so glad this group exists. I am VERY sad and disgusted that there is a group called “STOP HUMAME WATCH” Are you kidding me????

  • glory1963

    I’am so DISGUSTED with HSUS..!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dog Lover

      Me too. Like I mentioned in another post, organizations like HSUS that pretend to be animal lovers are worse than animal abusers in some ways.

  • glory1963

    I’m so DISGUSTED with HSUS !!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol

    Very powerful advertisement. Keep running it, Humane Watch!

  • Dog Lover

    Yes. In fact, I am going to China in a few days to help build shelters. I also fight for LGBT. Thank you very much for your kind reminder that is important to take action.

    • MisterCadet

      FYI: For 14 years, HSUS had a “branch” in Hong Kong that existed only on paper (listed on the HSUS – not HSI – tax returns as the “Humane Society of Hong Kong, Ltd.”). Animal People newspaper – not exactly animal abuse defenders – broke the story in 2001. The Hong Kong address listed on HSUS’s 990’s corresponded to a money-collecting depot for HSUS’s criminal fundraising companies, with HSUS a full partner in money laundering. From day one, HSI aka HSUS has exploited horrific cruelties in Asian countries to raise money for work they do not do and programs that do not even exist. Much of that continues to this day, though HSUS had to “liquidate” the Hong Kong scam – but only because it was untangled and exposed a couple of years ago. Not by Humane Watch. Listing an international charity fraud scheme on charity tax returns under “Related Organizations,” with “animal protection” as it’s purpose, and under “HSUS control” is as criminal as it sounds. HSUS is greedier and exploits the suffering of animals way, way more than everyone on Insane Wayne’s enemies list put together.

  • Stefanie Senyszyn Wick

    I can’t believe that Wendy Mallick supports HSUS… I’m sure they pay her plenty to show those poor abused animals that will never get any help!! Shame on you Wendy Mallick! 🙁

  • ms hellfire

    So, are you telling us that you go to those countries and rescue animals?

    The facts are that HSUS is deceptive about what the money they get from donations goes to. It’s not going to shelters around the country.

  • Jeanine Browne

    Wayne Pacelle has to do the only right thing in his malevolent career at HSUS. And that is to step down and leave and take all his lying mendacity and the only real thing he has cared about (his money) and leave. His hatred of abandoned shelter animals is such a malicious deception to the original precept of the founding fathers. And to deceptively fool the American public is an appalling sin. Karma rules: what goes around comes around. He needs to go asap and be replaced by an animal advocate, a true lover of sentient beings. I despise him for his greed and mendacity and falsely misrepresenting himself. I despise him for his lack of love and his hate. Get out Wayne! Everybody knows who you are and do not try to get corporate to hide and protect you! With social media, no one “gets away” with bullshit anymore. You can run, but you cannot hide.

  • Sharon Martinez

    “Lisa Fletcher is an American television journalist. She is an investigative reporter and news anchor who has covered stories around the world – both for ABC News as a correspondent and various major-market television stations.” Hello? What is up with that? His wife is an investigative reporter? Scum like that she should be investigating.

  • Jenny Everywhere

    That “help one animal” line is starkly reminiscent of things like “won’t raise your healthcare costs by a single dime”. You’re meant to think it’s figurative, when it’s actually literal. Give them money, and they’ll help ONE ANIMAL. They’ll give the rest of the money to themselves. Meanwhile, our healthcare costs have gone up by thousands of dollars. That’s not “a single dime”, it’s a whole LOT of dimes. It’s literal — our costs didn’t go up by a SINGLE dime, so what was said wasn’t strictly a lie.

    Some lawyers think like this. They use your perceptions of what they say — the connotation — to convince you, while the actual meaning — the denotation — says something totally different. In their minds, if they help a single animal, they’ve kept their word. They never promised to help thousands of animals, JUST ONE. It’s weasel-wording taken to the nth degree.

  • Alex Alexander

    Why doesn’t someone investigate PETA that puts 89% of their animals down within 24 hours after collecting $50M/year for “taking care of them”. Hypocrites!

  • Bob

    Saw your ad on the Super Bowl, I knew these bottom feeders were just like the 19 dollars for vets scam.
    Thanks for the info.