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British wartime leader Winston Churchill with his famous V for victory sign. Image from the archives of Press Portrait Service (formerly Press Portait Bureau) 1946 image. Image shot 1946. Exact date unknown.HumaneWatchers have a history of activism when it comes to asking companies not to partner with the deceptive Humane Society of the United States. Readers have helped score wins by getting corporations such as YellowTail Wines and Pilot Travel Centers to stop supporting HSUS. As you may know our most recent campaign encouraged Americans to “Discover the Scam,” for their support of HSUS through an affinity credit card. Now, after two calls from Discover’s corporate offices to us and their decision to discontinue their partnership with HSUS, we are calling off our campaign.

This development is great news. As a result of Discover cancelling the affinity card program, HSUS stands to lose over $450,000 in expected revenue—and that’s a conservative estimate. It’s likely over $2 million.

Excellent work by everyone involved who contacted Discover or shared! This wouldn’t have happened without grassroots action—and it shows that grassroots action works.


We are pleased that our public awareness campaign was successful in drawing attention to HSUS’ practices, and that the video we created for the campaign has now received around 185,000 views on Facebook and YouTube, and we also put up billboards in Times Square.

Hopefully, as a result of Discover severing their ties with HSUS, more Americans will continue to “Discover” how HSUS has swindled donors into thinking that their contributions will go towards helping local animal shelters. In reality, HSUS does not operate a single animal shelter and it only spends 1% of its yearly budget supporting these facilities. Now that Discover has dumped HSUS, it is time for the rest of the country to do the same.

For those of you who participated, make sure to politely thank Discover for their move.

Who’s next? We’ll be announcing the next company we intend to educate about HSUS soon…



Posted on 04/09/2015 at 10:41 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • alexandrasuhnerisenberg


  • susannunes

    It, PETA, and other animal “rights” groups are about abolishing animal domestication and forcing everybody into a vegan lifestyle which is NOT healthy or natural for humans. They’re nothing but a cult and not about animals at all.

    • Karen Batchelor

      Hear hear!

  • kaylor2008

    ebay -m hsus recently added a connection with them…………bad juju

  • chienblanc4csi

    Thank you for getting this done, HumaneWatch! People are beginning to realize just how dishonest this org really is, and deciding for themselves that they will no longer fund HSUS’s plan to eliminate domestic animals and destroy our relationships.

  • Kathryn Smith


  • Freida Widner

    Good decision 🙂

  • Steffanie Goltra Byrnes

    Thank you Humane Watch for leveling the playing field and standing up for pet owners, breeders, farmers, and other people involved in the animal industry. I hope we take PETA and HSUS down.

  • Wendy Tucker

    Awesome news!

  • Dr. Jim

    Congratulations! So many appreciate what you do. Then there are the very loud, troll team who only spew talking points and key words in support of the failing organization. NOW we need to go after E-bay and Amazon for asking at the end of a sale if we want to click a box and donate to HSUS. Let us know how we can help there. ((I would sign in with facebook, BUT it wants access to all friends and emails – that is just wrong, we should be able to sign in with FB, but no access to all that semi-private information!!))

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  • Diane Amble

    God bless HumaneWatch and all the grassroots effort!!

  • Denise Fulkerson DeBlois

    I hope people drop Mspca also, they are just as bad

  • YancyHomes1

    I have known this for years. When I was involved in starting a local animal shelter, we got -0- help from HSUS. So, it is not news, nor is this new. But, I must confess that watching the pictures of helpless animals in the HSUS commercials, made me tear up, and I almost became a believer.

  • Dog Lover

    This is a victory. Thanks to Humane Watch.

  • copyman

    HSUS is reported as OK by the BBB’s site. TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK.