District Attorney Investigating HSUS


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) isn’t known for spending its money well. Only about 1% of its revenue goes to help shelter pets while millions go to pensions and Caribbean “investments,” but recent news out of Georgia shows another side of the organization’s poor management. HSUS sent a hidden camera to a small farm and then released the footage. The result? The farm lost its contract—even through the local sheriff and the State Department of Agriculture both declined to press any charges against the farm.

Most people would support exposure of videos showing the abuse of animals. But what’s always concerned us is the way in which HSUS produces and releases these videos. It may film for weeks or months and not involve law enforcement at all. Then HSUS will create a big media event and release the (edited) footage. The proper authorities may be left scrambling to respond to a situation, whereas any animal mistreatment could have been stopped earlier if HSUS had only let them know. It’s a case of HSUS taking the low road while animals may pay the price.

Interestingly, the district attorney is now investigating whether the HSUS videographer committed felony identity fraud, illegal eavesdropping, and surveillance, and theft of trade secrets.

The DA doing the investigation, Parks White, has some words for HSUS: “We do not appreciate the moral busybodies of the Humane Society taking advantage of a lifelong farmer, whose small business may forever be ruined by the actions of your videographer. If you choose to conduct another such expose, it is my sincere wish that you do it somewhere else.”

We suggest that HSUS stop playing “gotcha” and start playing ball. But considering the woman in charge of HSUS’s undercover filming operations is a former PETA employee, we doubt HSUS will change.

Posted on 07/07/2017 at 10:56 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • Nancy Glick

    Farms need to have their own hidden cams to catch HSUS “videographers” at their own game. It’s been widely reported over the years that most of their videos are edited for shock value and it has been proven in cases over the years that many times their “spies” have instigated and participated in the abuse footage. I think it’s past time to turn the tables on them.

  • Kathryn Smith

    hope they get caught with their pants down on this one – and any other alleged ‘investigation’

  • Muleman Jack

    Their intent is NOT to help animals, but to further their agenda and make big bucks for their executives and attorneys.

  • Wayne

    It is never about the welfare of animals with the hsus or peta it is always about how much money they can raise with a years worth of video edited down to a minute. Time for them to pay for their misdeeds.

  • MisterCadet

    Interesting that HSUS chose Georgia to target a farmer for “possibly violating” a code of law. Just one month before HSUS (very) possibly committed felony identity fraud and illegal surveillance in this case, it raised a fortune off what was later revealed to be a nonexistent puppy mill in the same state. As always, the HSUS “rescue team” violated law enforcement orders by videotaping their heroics and sending thousands of press releases and millions of fundraising emails condemning the cruel and greedy Georgia puppy mill operator. Except it was a very large (350 dogs) neglect case, not a puppy mill. The hoarder has been cooperating with law enforcement and local shelters, but HSUS’s antics could have easily jeopardized the case.

    Maybe the Georgia Attorney General could ask HSUS to document how much money it deceptively raised off this “massive rescue” – and provide an itemized breakdown of how much it spent on the dogs. I bet HSUS spent more money going undercover on the Georgia chicken farm than on those 350 dogs. And I bet the money spent on the farm animal investigation came out of the HSUS “Rescue Fund.” In any case, both the farmer and the hoarder are just collateral damage to HSUS. I am not defending either one but it is obvious that HSUS was targeting Pilgrims Pride in a multi-state power play. And it is even more obvious that HSUS exploited the dogs in the neglect case for money and publicity. No puppy mill and no factory farm has profited more from animal use and animal suffering than HSUS.

    Glad to see a District Attorney turning the tables on the vermin currently running HSUS.

    • Trea Cleaves

      Now watch.
      HSUS will try to destroy this honorable DA

      • eddysaxx

        Sickening..isn’t it!…just dropped in to see who my followers are…had no idea I could reach you like this…Keep up the good conscience fight for your individual sovereignty …cheers