Failed HSUS Ordinance Steals Thousands from Charity

Yet another city has tabled an HSUS-backed ordinance to ban circuses in its city limits. The committee in Newark, OH charged with deciding the proposal’s fate decided not to send it to the full city council. A bi-partisan majority, two Democrats and two Republicans, refrained from seconding the motion to vote, effectively killing the proposed law.

Unfortunately, the local Kiwanis club had already decided to cancel a circus later this summer that was expected to raise thousands for charity. The circus has been a constant target of HSUS and other groups. HSUS, the ASPCA, and lawyers that pursued litigation against Feld Entertainment, the owner or Ringling Bros., had to pay Feld over $25 million in damages in a RICO lawsuit after they paid the plaintiff in a case that was widely used to fundraise and lobby against circuses.

While training animals is legal, HSUS sees a cash cow in exaggerated claims of abuse. It’s time the HSUS stopped clowning around with the livelihoods of dedicated professionals and real charities doing good work.

Posted on 07/14/2017 at 3:05 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • Wayne

    It is time to charge the HSUS with breaking The Animal Terrorism Act! They attack too many different charity events that raise thousands of dollars to help people who need the help and use it to fund their pay checks retirement and their off shore accounts. They are nothing better than terrorist.

  • Muleman Jack

    HSUS is in the business of generating money for its executives and legal department. They donate less than 1% to animal care. There are many towns whose children’s only opportunity to see certain animals is when the Circus comes to town. HSUS tears at the heart strings of bunny huggers by lying and misrepresenting how others treat their animals. Circuses and other professional organizations who use animals are reliant upon keeping these animals healthy and in good shape. HSUS peddles nonsense.

  • Everett Allen

    HSUS/ PETA/ ASPCA all the same. All of these groups kill jobs, do nothing to save animals, and destroy charities ability to raise funds for real charities.