Glenn Beck: Don’t Give Money to HSUS

On his radio show last week, conservative pundit Glenn Beck had a message for listeners: Don’t give to the Humane Society of the United States. Listen below:



Did we mention the Glenn Beck Program draws 7.5 million listeners a week? Beck’s got quite a megaphone.

GlennBeckThe California law Beck refers to is Proposition 2, a ballot measure passed in 2008 that was heavily funded by HSUS. Experts predicted it could drive state egg farmers out of business (California is the 5th-largest egg state).

And Lois Lerner is the embattled IRS official whose impartiality has come into question following months of Congressional investigation into whether the IRS unfairly targeted Tea Party groups. She was an “active member” of HSUS, and at least one Congressman had written to her personally seeking an investigation into HSUS’s tax-exempt status. She retired from the IRS last week and is reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for her testimony.

Interestingly, Beck interviewed PETA mouthpiece Matt Prescott a few years ago. Prescott, who designed the PETA campaign comparing farms to Nazi concentration camps, is now the food policy director at HSUS. He’s by no means the only PETA hack to join HSUS.

You may not agree with Beck’s general right-wing views. But there are plenty of people from the left-wing side of the spectrum who don’t like HSUS either. It’s not a left-right thing. And fortunately, we’re seeing more Americans from all walks of life learning the truth about HSUS.

Posted on 10/04/2013 at 2:02 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • mccky

    Thank you so much for exposing the HSUS for the frauds that they are. Less than 1% of all money given to them goes to actually helping animals, and that’s only a result of public outcry after a large amount of donations come in after disasters like Katrina. The rest goes to their lawyers, staff, lobbyists and bloated pension funds. They use your donations towards their ultimate goal of ending all domesticated animals – and that includes the dog or cat that sleeps on your bed with you because they believe animals are better off dead than in “slavery.” And if you don’t believe me as far as the use of their funds, look them up on any charity watch website. You’ll see that they receive poor ratings year after year for the use of their funds. If you want to donate to an organization that will use your funds as intended, please donate to your LOCAL shelter as they receive NO funding from groups like the HSUS, ASPCA or PETA. These national groups are using funds to fight your rights as an animal owner. And don’t believe the shelter overload hype. If that were true then shelters wouldn’t be importing thousands of strays from other countries (along with parasites and diseases we don’t have in the US) or advertising locally to buy entire litters because they can get a premium price for “adopting” out puppies.

  • KA

    You always donate locally! To whatever group you are a member of, volunteer locally, donate locally…..then you know in person, where it goes. HSUS is overpaid for what it does.

  • Jennifer Bilyeu

    Thank you for being a true voice for the animals by calling BS on them for all us little folk who have been saying this for years.

  • MisterCadet

    I’m sure HSUS will label Glenn Beck an apologist for animal abusers and a Tea Party extremist. I personally disagree with Beck’s views and used to turn off the radio when his show came on.

    Speaking of right wing talk radio hosts, I almost broke my ankle once racing to turn off Rush Limbaugh’s show. Most (not all) of his political views, his pomposity, erratic behavior, and insulting comments, have offended me many times. A few years ago, Wayne Pacelle reached out to him, hoodwinking Limbaugh into doing some PSA’s to promote HSUS’s dogfighting campaigns, raids, rescues, and rewards. Limbaugh took a lot of heat for trusting Wayne and believing his phony claims about HSUS’s work. Maybe he was fooled because both of them are arrogant, pompous egotists. In any case, HSUS’s claims about shutting down 100 major organized dogfighting rings, paying over 100 rewards, and rescuing/caring for thousands of animals maimed in the fighting rings were – and still are – completely bogus. At the time of the PSA’s, HSUS was still lobbying for the deaths of all pit bulls rescued (by other groups). HSUS’s only successes have been in California, where staff member Eric Sakach has quietly shut down many (small to very small) dogfighting operations over 20+ years – without using reward offers for money and publicity. HSUS doesn’t even pay for the few rewards they give out. The Holland Ware Foundation has given HSUS nearly $500,000 for the rewards. Very little has been spent on the intended purpose.

    Pacelle used Limbaugh the same way he is using the United Egg Producers via the “Rotten Egg bill” – to gain publicity for bringing all sides together in a way that Congress, the Middle East, and competing animal organizations have failed to do. If only the rest of the world were as noble as Wayne, we could have peace and love across the universe.

    Glenn Beck may not have much credibility with animal rights activists, but Rush Limbaugh, Michael Vick, the United Egg Producers – and Wayne Pacelle – have none at all.

    • geoffizzle

      Your word-count about Limbaugh greatly outweighs your word-count about Beck. Interesting, since this article isn’t about Limbaugh.



  • Carol Houlihan

    Thank You Glen Beck, Please take a look at the new USDA/APHIS rule “Retail Pet Rule” The woman in charge of APHIS is Sarah Conant she is an attorney for HSUS and now she is in charge of enforcement. Please check it out maybe you can help us there too. PLEASE read this article,

    Thank You Glen Beck

  • Pat Caruso

    Miss u on my regular tv but get your e mails. All agree with you and thank you for sharing all your knowledge. Pat c.

  • gr8risrael

    I’m very happy to hear and read the truth about the HSUS. It should be brought to the attention of the entire country.

  • disqus_7FXhJcyY4c

    I usually never believe anything anyone says unless it’s Rush. He has NEVER been wrong. His foresight is always spot on. I also don’t believe anything Obama says or his administration or any democratic governor. Proof is in the pudding. Do you want the rest of America to look like Chicago, Detroit, and so on?

    • felix1999

      Rush drives liberals crazy! Rush is a national treasure. My kids listen to him too!

  • Kenn L Woodard

    When I do listen to a bit of Glen Beck a little goes a long way. Having said that I will give him some room to spout off. There can be times that Mr. Beck may have something worth listening to. Most of the time it’s all blowhard. Now, Rush? He’s another story. Limbaugh loves to hear himself talk. The more the merrier! I’ll give him two minutes and that’s it. Rush just can’t finish a sentence without insulting someone or something. I can see why he’s been married multiple times. Who can stand such a crude and arrogant person 24/7! When ole ‘Rushbo’s time is up on planet Earth God and the Devil will have a whale of a time figuring out who get’s his remains! “You get him!” “No, YOU get him!” “No sir! He’s not soiling my carpet. He’s YOURS!” “Don’t want him. You get to keep him.” “You MUST be kiddin’! Not in MY house!” You get the picture!!!!!

  • bear

    Be careful on who you DO donate to and animal legislations of all kinds (as in puppy mills, animal cruelty, etc.) Pay close attention to their sponsors.

  • Billy Engerson


  • Lamb Chop

    So Lois UnLerner is also a bloodhound for HSUS, as well as a lapdog for Erskine Cooney Jr. Who would have guessed it?

  • MAL

    I have not donated to the national organization for years after seeing reports on their finances. Very little money goes to help the animals they claim to love. I give directly to my local shelter and two others that I know and trust.

    Don’t stop giving, give smart.