HSUS Campaigner: “I’ll Kill You”

Dominguez_KillYouAs HSUS works to get a bacon-and-egg ban on the Massachusetts ballot next year, it seems as if a whole brigade of vegan activists has converged on the Commonwealth to collect signatures for the initiative. One such fellow is HSUS campaigner Matt Dominguez. You may remember him from this summer, when he was in Rhode Island harassing a state senator (and farmer) who helped defeat HSUS-backed anti-egg farmer legislation, which resulted in the police being called at one point. Now, in one of his latest tweets, Dominguez giddily sports a shirt that says, “Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you.”

Presumably, this is supposed to be some kind of joke. But it’s hard to see what’s funny about this at all—and believe us, we are as far from PC as you can get. In fact, the gal on the left works for The Humane League. The Humane League’s founder, Nick Cooney, was found guilty of making terroristic threats, harassment, and criminal conspiracy. According to media reports and court documents, he threatened to kill the children of an employee of a drug company. And speaking of shirts, at Cooney’s sentencing hearing, the prosecutor noted Cooney had worn a shirt with the message “I believe in the use of violence to achieve animal liberation.” Cooney later went to Farm Sanctuary, working alongside longtime PETA VP Bruce Friedrich, who has remarked that “blowing things up and smashing windows” is “a great way to bring about animal liberation.”

These are the kinds of people who approach veganism with near-religious fanaticism. The animal rights movement has a history of violence through groups like the Animal Liberation Front—and folks employed by HSUS have even voiced support for the ALF in the past. Now, HSUS and Dominguez inhumanely smear people’s character simply for disagreeing about public policy. If we really think shirts about violence against people shouldn’t be taken seriously, then perhaps the joke is on us.

Posted on 11/12/2015 at 4:19 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • antoniogomes

    These people are thugs. They are not out to protect animals. Animals are just a facade. It could be politics, religion, anything contentious. They are out to harm people.

  • Regan Hauschen

    hsus is not suppose to lobby.

  • chienblanc4csi

    Their desperation is showing. They haven’t won much of anything in quite some time – mainly since the Feld RICO suit settlement – and seem to be letting their freaks out of hiding more and more often. They haven’t got much more to lose, so why not just let loose the stays, I suppose.

    They’ve been quite reticent in recent months, but when they do make noise, it sounds like whining, sour grapes – and that’s just the press releases. Makes one wish for the old days, when Wayne had to let that thug Scotlund Haisley go because his “cowboy ways” were too extreme, even for HSUS. They once pretended to be decent.

  • Lauren

    Nick Cooney must know a thing or two about earning brownie points!

  • KaD

    The vegan diet is unnatural and unhealthy for humans and can lead to mental illness. This might help explain why they are so violent and hateful. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/side-effects-of-vegetarianism

    • Ceiling Cat

      I grew up with vegans and vegetarians who lived well into 80’s and 90’s. When I became vegetarian, I cleared up my thyroid disease, as well as my Afibrillation and Mitrolvalve heart problems. I have never felt better in ny life. I even have to worry the dentist less.

      What isn’t natural for humans is consuming meat washed in amonia with dyes added. Nor eating it from an animal blown up to twice its size while being pumped full of hormones.

      We aren’t cavemen. We have the technology now to know what plants to eat that give us enough of what we- vitamin and mineral wise- need to survive.

      Why do you think so many people are going vegetarian/vegan?

      Also, that’s very hateful to assume we vegetarians/vegans are hateful.

      • Pam

        I was full blown vegan for a year (a few months back I started eating fish again and very recently I’ve been eating eggs too). What I noticed – bit of a mixed bag but I was possibly one of the laziest vegans ever. On the positive side – my immune response improved. I was no longer catching every bug around but escaping between fifty and seventy percent of the time. My nails were much less brittle (that really surprised me) and my hair and skin were in better condition. On the bad side, my teeth felt ‘soft’ a lot of the time. However, not to the extent where any of them have been lost or damaged by caries. My loss of memory function (once I finally noticed it) shocked me. That’s why I started eating fish again. There’s no doubt in my mind, however, that veganism is the future and I intend to go back to it once I figure out a way to make sure I won’t be struggling to find enough of whatever it is that’s in fish that keeps the brain healthy and stops the teeth from feeling soft. We can’t get collard greens in the UK. Collard greens are supposed to be the best source of Calcium there is (even better than dairy – in how their Calcium is absorbed and used in the human body – apparently).

      • Just Thinking

        Why do I think people are going vegan? With animal rights one reaches a higher plane in their moral commitment, and because the amimal rights agenda told you to do so, that way they could take more money from the economy and then beg for donations. Slaves to a misguided social movement and is anti humanity in every aspect.

    • Pam

      You’re talking about B12 deficiency? Fair enough. Vegans struggle to get enough because mostly they aren’t growing their own bacterially rich vegetables. It might be hard to get B12 naturally (as a vegan) but B12 is easy enough to safely mass produce as something that other foods can be fortified with. Violent and hateful? Ooooh. The thing is – the issue of veganism versus animal commodification brings out fierce passions in response to flamboyantly stupid arguments. “Mmm. But bacon is nice.” “Vegans hate animals because they are eating all the things that livestock wants to eat.” Maybe it’s just that vegans care enough about the issue to be able to resist the urge to be facetious – and all that self restraint is enough to challenge the patience of any saint. Unnatural? See that’s a thing. I like to think that the human race hasn’t exhausted it’s evolutionary potential. Yes, meat eating, fire, hunting, husbandry have played their parts – is that really the end of our story? We’re smart enough to be able to survive perfectly well on an evolved diet. We’re smart enough to know that human population growth, coupled with animal protein consumption, is the recipe for ‘bye bye biped’. Why is our species so constantly determined to hold fast to what is ‘traditional’?

  • KaD
  • Kentucky red

    They truly are sick and disgusting people!