HSUS: Farmers Don’t Prioritize Animal Care

HSUS head honcho Wayne Pacelle, a Yale grad who’s never run a livestock farm in his life, was in Nebraska late last week to continue his organization’s phony campaign to pretend that it supports some farmers and ranchers and that it isn’t against animal agriculture. (It is.) But even slick Pacelle slipped up.

Speaking to Nebraska TV, Pacelle said what he really thinks: “Animal welfare may not be central to the psyche of farmers.”

We expect that farmers and ranchers will be deeply offended by this statement. Any farmer will tell you that animal care is central to their psyche. Just take this story from April, in which ranchers braved an extreme blizzard to carry their calves to safety (photo: Dunn County Herald):

Elsabe, who is originally from South Africa and helped warm and feed the calves, posted a photo online of her husband cradling a newborn calf in his arms in an effort to save the animal as he ran through the knee-deep snow during Sunday’s blizzard-like conditions.

The picture captured the attention of Facebook users, who shared the photo hundreds of times and showed their support for Hausauer’s efforts under the worst of circumstances with comments, like “Bless his heart” and “That’s a hero for you.”

The Hausauers were married a few years ago and have an almost 2-year-old daughter, Kenzley, who Elsabe said sat — and sometimes hollered at the calves or slept — in the tractor as her parents rushed the newborn calves to safety.

Yet Wayne Pacelle, a city-dwelling Ivy Leaguer, would rather just caricature farmers as not being caring enough. Apparently he doesn’t know the honest, hard-working farmers we’ve met over the years.

By the way, isn’t it telling that Wayne would try to fit in with farmers…by wearing hip clothing? Wayne usually sports a Washington D.C. power suit and tie, but when in Nebraska on Friday he was trying to fit in with some plaid. (Here are some pictures.)  Someone needs to tell Wayne that farmers usually don’t wear designer plaid with gingham accents.

A trendy shirt plus sneakers isn’t the look of a farmer or rancher. It’s the look of a pretender. The ag community should keep that in mind as Pacelle and HSUS try to swindle them.


Posted on 07/01/2013 at 5:04 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • WORSEKarma

    Wacky Wayne is going off his rocker. I guess having the H$U$ effectively banned in Oregon (http://now.msn.com/oregon-charity-law-house-bill-2060-removes-tax-breaks-for-bad-charities) has really hurt his widdle feewings…

    • kaylor2008

      how, when, what, why banned in Oregon?

  • clearmind

    You can’t be a farmer and be successful if you don’t love and respect the animal. You have to understand the cycle of life and he clearly does not. A lot of farmers are like myself, I can’t under any circumstances knowingly eat an animal I have raised. Just can’t do it, I get the emotional attatchement to animals. But, I crave meat, I tried the Vegetarian route and I couldn’t do it. To get meat I understand Animals must be killed in the process. Just saying we are raising cattle and turkeys for market, doesn’t mean we are just chomping at the bit to kill the animals. Its just part of our life cycle that God placed us in when we were created.

  • Nebraska rancher

    This event was not posted on the Nebraska Farmers Union or the spin off HSUS organized Nebraska Agricultural Council webpages prior to the event. But the press was there.
    Kevin Fulton pictured above is in the grass fed organic beef business. Despite HSUS’s endorsement, it must not be doing very well because his webpage says he is now also custom grazing.

  • threec

    As a farmer, I am sure offended by such an erroneous generalization. Our entire family’s lives are wrapped up in caring for our animals, all day, every day, all year, every year. I go to the barn at 5:30 in the morning to check on the cows, and we are usually still feeding at 8 PM. Our kids all work two jobs, so we can keep our cows during tough economic times like this. Pencil in the hours that that kind of dedication requires and tell me animal care isn’t part of our psyche.

  • Karenh

    Of all the stupid statements Wayno has made, that’s definitely one of ’em. It never ceases to amaze that this idiot, who doesn’t know c’mere from sic’m about livestock, has the gall to try to horn in on our practices. Too bad he can’t personally be brought up on charges of fraud.