HSUS Pretends to Like Small Farms…Just Not the Meat They Produce

HSUS_GoVegIn light of widespread condemnation from the farming community, we’ve seen the Humane Society of the United States try to re-brand itself over the past year or so. HSUS has started several state agriculture councils in an effort to appear friendly to smaller farmers, but in truth it would be all too happy to shut them down in pursuit of a meatless, cheese-less, egg-less world.

HSUS may have a farmer or two on staff, but the head honchos are not only still against animal agriculture, but they seem obsessed with the vegan lifestyle—not just for humans but for pets as well.

You may recall that HSUS released a vegan brand of dog food a few years ago. That now appears to be off the market entirely—we assume it didn’t sell well. (And we wonder whether it sat well.) But HSUS hasn’t entirely given up, posting several recipes for vegan dog treats that CEO Wayne Pacelle promoted on his blog this week.

Similarly, not a single one of the recipes for people that HSUS publishes has any animal product, calling instead for processed soy concoctions as replacement. A quick search of the HSUS website returns over 1,200 results for the word “vegan.” And the Twitter feeds of HSUS’s (anti-)farm campaigners reveal the obsession with veganism that drives them.

Our point isn’t that veganism is bad. It’s a free country, and people can certainly eat and live how they want to. But HSUS shouldn’t pretend that it’s in favor of meat produced from small-scale farmers—as it is telling those farmers and the public at large—when it is against all animal agriculture. And HSUS should stop pretending to the public and its donors that it’s all about rescuing dogs and cats, when it’s really funding vegan advocacy campaigns.















Posted on 11/01/2013 at 2:20 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • maggie b

    This week a new kids cartoon is coming out called “Free Birds” The heroes are a bunch of turkeys trying to escape Thanksgiving Day. This is one way veganism is promoted to children – through these types of films that subtly promote an agenda. Parents talk to your children if you let them watch these films

    • Sydney Reed

      As soon as I saw the trailer I immediately thought of two things one being “Wow really guys could your subliminal messaging be anymore obvious”. Two I thought of Chicken Run that basically has the same plot except it’s Turkeys…

  • WORSEKarma

    The one good thing about the Vegan religion is it’s self-limiting, due to the fact that the Vegan Billies are feminized from consuming all that soy, so they’re usually sterile.