HSUS Silent on Inhumane Acts Committed by Animal Rights Activists

The Humane Society of the United States has a credibility problem almost as big as PETA’s. HSUS demands that people treat animals “humanely.” But when it comes to people and organizations within the animal rights movement, HSUS’s “humanity” is nowhere to be seen.

When radical animal rights activists “liberated” 38,000 mink in Minnesota last month, thousands cried out in agony as they suffocated to death in the summer heat. HSUS remained silent.

When radical animal rights activists orchestrated a cyberbullying campaign of a social media personality that created likable videos about hunting, HSUS remained silent.

When that personality, Melania Capitan, committed suicide as a result of the cyberbullying, HSUS remained silent.

HSUS demands that companies and everyday people defend their use of animals—whether on farms, in zoos and aquariums, for clothing, etc.—as “humane” and “ethical.” But if HSUS won’t condemn these recent acts, perhaps it should relinquish its badge as self-anointed morality police on what’s humane.

Posted on 08/01/2017 at 4:23 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • mary


  • Everett Allen

    Why does anyone support this group?

  • Freddiesmom

    And yet, how many people still support this horrible organization when they see those sad, sappy commercials on TV? They think they’re actually helping animals, not supporting a radical group

  • Dorma Beth Wiggin

    Does this group rescue and shut down puppy mills or not? Is there any positive thing that this group does, I have supported them over the years, it’s hard to know who to believe…

    • Clay Fitzgerald

      It has been fairly well established that HSUS offers very little support for animal rescue or shelters… less than 1% of their revenue. Most of it goes to pay extravagant salaries for it’s officers, like CEO Wayne Pacelle, shipped to off-shore accounts to reduce financial accountability and to raise more money through donations by gullible people.

    • MisterCadet

      HSUS claims to rescue animals in cruelty cases and natural disasters. HSUS claims to provide “direct care to more animals than any other organization.” None of it is true but the words “direct care,” “dog rescue,” and “puppy mills” drive donations. HSUS plays a supporting role in some large cruelty cases but that generally consists of showing up with cameras blazing and begging for money. The wording on the donation form enables HSUS to do whatever it chooses with that money. Not only does HSUS NOT bust puppy mills, HSUS lobbies for legislation that increases the suffering of dogs in large scale breeding operations. Go to the Animals 24/7 website and read the articles from May 15 and 16 about the horrible Vermont puppy mill law HSUS got passed. To put all of this into context, read “Putting Abusers Before Animals Is Business As Usual At The HSUS” by Nathan Winograd (Huffington Post). HSUS is still actively opposing abuser registries that would prevent people with animal cruelty convictions from adopting from pet shelters.

    • slicedbread

      It’s much better to donate to your local shelter.

  • Life Victorious

    AMEN!!! I am grateful for your group HumaneWatch, as you are a sane voice in an increasingly insane world! Keep up the good work!

  • Sheila K.

    I think they get their members from gullible people who actually don’t know anything about animals or they are one of those people that treat their dog like a baby and humiliate it by dressing it in costumes or other clothes. They really suck in a lot of celebrities, too.

  • Steve

    I’ve had a recent problem with HU here in Minnesota. does anyone know what department in the state has oversight of these people? I need to file a formal complaint.

    • octavious

      dept of ag has jurisdiction over charitable organizations working within the state

      first note I AM NOT A LAWYER

      seems to me that as they repeatedly raise money using false or misleading advertising, that would be grounds for complaint

      copy to attorney general would not hurt

      second note to anyone else reading this, do a search ‘revised code state of ***’ and you can get all this information rapidly i use lexxis as i find the search works nicely for me