HSUS Tied to Lobby Shop That Housed Accused Fraudster

The Humane Society of the United States has come under scrutiny from Members of Congress for spending an inordinate amount of money on lobbying in possible violation of charity rules. New revelations shine a light on the lobbying apparatus in which HSUS operates.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, lobbyist David H. Miller was recently indicted for embezzlement for allegedly ripping off an autism charity and a Virginia state political campaign. Miller worked for New World Group Public Affairs, a lobbying firm that represents the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), HSUS’s official lobbying arm. Miller was indicted in September, but it sounds like he was only recently let go; one of the firm’s clients learned about the indictment from the Free Beacon reporter.

This shouldn’t have been hard to notice. Miller’s wife already pleaded guilty in 2015 to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and was sentenced to years in prison, and court documents from that case show that “D.M.” was listed as a co-conspirator. (Miller also was the subject of media reports during a previous run for office that he owed $38,000 in back taxes.)

Meanwhile, the managing partner of the firm, former Congressman Jerry Weller—listed on the registration documents for HSLF—has come under scrutiny for ethics issues related to failing to report assets he bought and sold in Nicaragua while in office.

We’d ask if no one at HSUS does their due diligence, but the fact is, they probably don’t care. Welcome to “the swamp.”

Posted on 11/20/2017 at 5:25 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • MisterCadet

    A November 8th post on New World Group Advocacy’s Facebook page features Putrid Pacelle posing with a couple of Congressmen – lobbying for meaningless legislation. Jerry Weller is actively involved with HSUS as well. The 501(c)(4) Humane Society Legislative Fund spends a pittance on partisan politics and lobbying compared to HSUS. HSLF is something HSUS can point to when claiming that it doesn’t exceed the IRS regulations for lobbying by 501(c)(3)’s. That can be debunked in minutes by reading the fake numbers of the HSUS tax returns and the real ones on the HSLF returns.

    Speaking of sleazy lobbyists, Rep. John Conyers was just exposed for grotesque abuse and sexual harassment of staff members. He is now under investigation by the Congressional Ethics Committee. Conyers has close ties with HSUS. He was named Humane Representative of the Year and delivered the keynote at a previous Taking Action For Animals conference. There are hilarious photos of Wayne Pacelle gazing adoringly at the abuser at a gala. And Conyers lavished praise on Wayne, even noting that “he looks like a movie star.” That’s part of Wayne’s schtick but it was never true and it’s definitely not the case now. He now has the face he deserves.

    HSUS has long had a sexual abuse and mistreatment of women problem and it’s amusing to see them trying to erase the record. But in the age of the internet, that is like covering your face with your hand – and in 2017, the face reflects the character.