HSUS Unloads B.S. on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

130425_HW_TopSecretTapeWe’ve heard one hysterical argument after another as the Humane Society of the United States desperately fights regulation of undercover videotaping at livestock facilities. The proposals would require HSUS to turn over footage to law enforcement authorities within 24 or 48 hours of recording as a way to try to stop animal abuse by rogue employees faster. Why these bills? Because all too often animal liberation activists sit on the footage for weeks or months while animal cruelty is occurring for PR purposes. They should want to stop it immediately.

Yesterday, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle had the gall to compare HSUS investigators to people who recorded footage of the Boston marathon bombings. We can’t believe he said that with a straight face.

People who recorded footage of the bombings turned over footage promptly to law enforcement authorities, which enabled them to ID the bombers a few days after the killings. HSUS is trying to do just the opposite—it is fighting proposals to have law enforcement informed of the footage in a timely fashion, instead pushing for a Wild West system where HSUS activists can sit on the footage for as long as they like. HSUS could hold and splice footage for weeks, months, or maybe even years, whatever helps them stage a nice PR event.

Imagine if witnesses to the Boston bombing took it on their own accord to not turn over footage to the FBI or Boston police. The nut-job bombers could still be on the loose plotting another attack against innocent civilians.

The fact that Pacelle has resorted to bogus—and nauseating—analogies is actually quite helpful in showing how weak the HSUS arguments against these bills are. Maybe his flim-flam can fool the L.A. crowd, but we doubt he has as much clout among Middle America. And perhaps an inquiring TV host will ask him, “Why does HSUS want animal abuse to continue for weeks or months while it films it?”

Posted on 04/25/2013 at 8:25 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Not to mention, the longer the video is not in the hands of the law enforcement, the longer they have to alter it. Personally I think this law should be amended to include footage legally taken – many livestock production facilities have strict biosecurity protocols in place to KEEP animals healthy, and strict traffic control. Plus, people wandering around with a camera could be hurt and then hold the company liable. The data is out there that shows only healthy happy animals produce profitably, and talk to local farmers – animal health and productivity go hand in hand. Farmers aren’t evil – but most people are uneducated, can’t read scientific studies, or allow themselves to be convinced by sensationalist, dramatized media (like that put out by PETA or HSUS).

    • Jenni Reyes

      Well Donna, then why dont you pack up the kids, the whole family for a weekend exploration of fun and tranquility and go visit one of these farms, go see how happy it all is, while you are there ask how many hormones and antibiotics are fed DAILY to these animals to keep them alive and make them produce faster along with gene splicing and genetic engineering. Then dont forget to check out back where that rotten smell is coming from… oh that… it’s just the ones that couldnt stand up or died in the HAPPY place sitting in their rendering pile, ask how often that gets emptied then add up all the bodies, figure out how many died in that time frame. Oh and where are the babies??? VEAL Stalls, auction houses or dying from scours. From there spend some time at one of the local happy livestock auctions, and find out where those animals were brought in from… SURPRISE your local dairy farms, meat growers, etc… look at the ones with twisted and broken legs, or the ones that cant get up anymore, watch how they MAKE them get up so they can be sold to buyers and re-enter our food system… its all pleasant of course, and such a fun filled family outing even! Oh, but one last stop… need to go to the slaughter house. That is where the fun really begins! I mean it’s not enough that these animals know what is going on, lets face it, animals have a better understanding of death and dying that we do, since the smell of blood, and the sounds they are hearing make them sweat, shake, abort fetuses, die from shock, and piss themselves… then to top it off they have to put up with some jerk who is having a bad day, figures the animals is going to die, so why not take all his frustrations on it before he takes a retractable hammer and slams the animals in the head, chains the back legs, has it hoisted, slits the throat and opens the gut before it’s dead…. Yep sounds like a HAPPY HEALTHY PLACE! So before you puff up your feathers, and get all ruffly, you go visit these places, really, take in the whole experience, then come back and share your experience! And I dont mean take one of their guided tours, so they can show you ONLY what they want you to know… go in and get dirty!

      • acorvette4me

        you really don’t know what you are talking about do you? You believe what some organization puts out but counter arguments (which may be accurate) are dismissed. It is sad you lack basic analytical skills and live your sorry life in an emotional fog

      • SmarterEnu

        You want to visit china first and see real animal cruelty!
        But I bet you have some nice cheap belts made in China!
        In the wild, Animals are ripped open and eaten while alive and breathing.
        Exactly what is yor point?
        Butchering is exactly that.
        You want pillows provided while the slaughter is done?
        Maybe private soundproof rooms?
        You must be a vegetarian and only eat fish after they are asphyxiated and choked agonizingly in the air!

      • John Doe’s Father

        You’re full of crap. I have been there. The farms where the animals are raised are clean and humane. The slaughter houses are also clean, and humane and are staffed by regulators watching every move. You’re a city person who knows nothing and acts like you do. I live among these farms and I guarantee you’re full of crap.

      • Peter Navarro

        I LOVE VEAL! Especially veal parmigiano…such tender meat and the cheese and red sauce.mmmmm mmmmm good

      • Ana Eichenlaub

        Jenni….give up the cool aid while you are ahead of your game. YOu watch too much HBO …You live in the city and feed yourself stupid and ignorant soup everyday. Is there animal cruelty out there? You bet…of all kinds, not just farm animals…but don’t you dare make it out as if ALL FARMERS are animal abusers…a little bit over the top there lady gaga.

      • Dr. JellyFinger

        Tastes like chicken

      • George

        Maybe you should take your own advice & actually visit a farm instead of just running off at the mouth. Most farmers take extremely good care of their animals as they are what puts food on the table & clothes on the backs. To say that all farmers mistreat their animals is moronic.

        And, we have to assume that you eat no meat of any kind, wear no leather products in any shape or form, use absolutely no medication and/or cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

        If you use any of the above then you are nothing more than a blatant hypocrite. If you clim to not use any of the above, that makes you a ……………………

  • I was a pastor for number of years and under penalty of law was required to report any ‘suspected’ child abuse immediately. Why should known animal abuse be any different?

  • Hmmmm…

  • groggyduck

    The biggest issue that I can see with this bill has NOTHING to do with big organizations like the HSUS, it has to do with the average people who know something wrong is happening, but need more than a day or two to prove that the issue is habitual and not just a one-time mistake. Proving these sorts of things (ESPECIALLY if the accused is rich and/or famous) can take MONTHS worth of obtaining footage, not just one or two days.

    • even so – it would be up to the authorities to retain these tapes to build the case. They could be receiving tapes from more than one source.

      • groggyduck

        How likely is that though?

        How many people do you honestly think would be willing to go up against someone with powerful connections? Or with high-dollar lawyers who could bankrupt them and ruin their entire lives?

        Or how about in hoarding/neglect situations where the owner keeps the animals out of view of the general public and only lets a trusted friend or two anywhere near them?

        THESE are the most common cases, not the ones where the animal is starving with festering cuts and sores in a dirt lot right up against a public road.

        • John Doe’s Father

          No they aren’t . These abuse of animal cases are so rare I can’t believe we’re even talking about them. I see first hand how the farms work all the time,and I’ve seen how the activists work, They don’t care about accuracy or context. When millions of animals are raised, naturally some will have mechanical injuries like broken legs ect. It’s not fun to see but it’s fact. Then because the laws are written by people like you, that don’t know what they’re talking about, the animals CAN’T be euthanized . They MUST be transported live to a facility to be put down. If you ever saw a cow with a broken leg try to get up, over and over, you’d understand the problem. Well then up pops an activist with a camera. “Oh look at what this farmer is doing to this cow”.
          And another thing; Tell me how a farmer could possibly make a living raising “starving and festering ” cows. You people have no idea how much damage your misinformation causes. I’ve seen you work. You should be ashamed of yourselves. All you want is a moment in the spotlight, and you don’t care how much you have to lie or how much damage you do. Then the good people that feed this country have to clean up your mess.

      • Jenni Reyes

        They dont care, because that would mean they would have to admit failure at some level and make drastic changes… and why make those changes if it might cost a few dollars up front. I think we have the right to know what goes on behind those doors we are bringing that into our homes and feeding it to our families! Why make an already miserable situation worse? Abuse is abuse… it doesnt matter if it starts with animals or people… its not OK to look the other way and pretend life is all good…. and if something can be done to make it better, then by all means… make it better! And do you not really question the reason they dont want us to know???? I mean, I think that sort of says it all.

  • Karenh

    It just goes to show that weird Wayne will jump in front of any parade in order to spread his propaganda. The Boston marathon? Really? Is he running with a full string of lights? In what world are bombs and doctored footage comparable?

  • Richard Byrd

    Animal abuse is not Christian/morally legal no matter what the intention is of doing it.

  • TLR4552

    Oh! OH!, I know, lets all just not eat! After all, its proven that plants have feelings and are aware of their environments too!

  • Ana Eichenlaub

    Personal attacks is clear evidence of lack of intellect; you have nothing intelligent to say so you attack the person’s name,,,how mature LOL

  • Todd Smith

    If the animals are in a slaughter house, then they will be killed! It is death row for them! Humane or not they smell blood and probably understand their time is at a end. What’s next? Will we all be eating Halal food? I love animals, they are delicious!

  • Arlen Cooper

    Stop mans’ inhumanity to man, then mans’ inhumanity to animals.

  • Jhonny

    I’m sorry I don’t understand. Does this mean I have to record the whole thing from slitting the calf’s throat to slow roasting it ? What kind of sick people want to see that ?