HSUS Wants to Ban Animal Use—Not Animal Abuse

The Humane Society of the United States is not honest with the public about its true political agenda. Most people believe that HSUS is a moderate group focused on animal welfare—something HSUS is all too happy to have people believe—when in fact the group is run by radicals who have more in common with PETA than they do mainstream America. And occasionally, the mask slips.

Last week, news emerged that the federal government was ending all medical research that uses chimpanzees. Most perplexing was Wayne Pacelle’s comment on the matter. He wrote on his blog, “It’s rare to close out a category of animal use so emphatically. That’s exactly what’s happening here, and it’s thrilling.”

Note the use of language. It’s not about ending animal abuse. It’s about ending animal use. To Pacelle and likeminded people, the use of animals is abuse, whether it’s using a dairy cow to make butter, fishing for trout, or housing an animal at a zoo. Animal abuse is already illegal.

In the case of chimpanzee research, such research was highly regulated and hardly done willy-nilly. Oversight was involved to make sure the research was done humanely and limited to what was necessary. But, for those like HSUS who oppose even medical research on lab rats, the opinion of animal and medical experts is never good enough.

As we noted before, one primate expert spoke out against a blanket ban on using chimps for research, noting that chimpanzee research can be used to help their counterparts in the wild. One-third of the wild gorilla population is believed to have died from Ebola in recent years, along with a large number of chimpanzees. Scores of people die from the disease, too.

The chimps are going to a retirement facility thanks to the years-long campaign by HSUS. Those footing the bill for this won’t be HSUS—it’ll be the taxpayers. So we’re paying for HSUS’s activism—in more ways than one.

Posted on 11/24/2015 at 6:04 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • MisterCadet

    The chimps are headed to sanctuaries and I personally don’t have a problem with that. But the lion’s share of credit for the years-long campaign does not belong to HSUS. Other groups and people like Jane Goodall played a larger role. Pacelle always takes full credit so he can declare victory and panhandle online. Chimps, like puppies, are fundraising gold. Meanwhile, medical research involving other primate subjects has not been reduced. It has increased here and abroad. I am not taking a position for or against, but I do believe that all monkeys lives matter. Not just the cash cows.

    • Jan Smith
      • MisterCadet

        Jan, are you an HSUS shill? If so, better luck next time. I know HSUS is desperate these days to stop the bleeding. If you have a question for me, ask away. Otherwise, go away.

      • MisterCadet

        Jan, do you work for HSUS? If you do, are you a criminal? Are you a dirt-bag? I ask because your contact info and Disqus account are bogus. It is clear that HSUS is a criminal organization run by dirt-bags and vermin. Don’t facilitate their abuse – of animals and people.

  • joe

    we need to have every state look into hsus a investagtion state by state no more bills be pass by the hsus

  • Barbara L. Dempsey

    How do we share these on facebook?

  • Kevin Crotzer

    “When a society stops sacrificing animals,then it will sacrifice people!”-G.K. Chesterton

  • kinco

    They should not be a tax-exempt organization!!! I’ve written to my U.S. Senators requesting their Non-profit status be repealed. Please write yours too! Thanks!!

  • Just Thinking

    Exactly, all from philosophy from more than 1,000 years ago that is parrotted by the vegan movement. I would imagine if we had not eaten meat that we would have smaller brains, be bow legged, and perhaps walk on all fours. I would imagine there are more laws protecting animals than there are children. Seems like the animal rights movement would then like to see humans removed from top tier (Great Chain of Being) and then the earth in favor of animals roaming free. What devastation that would cause to the earth?
    I just keep thinking about all the capital and jobs that has been removed from our economy by the animal rights movement. Anything using animals that makes $$$$ is frowned upon by animal rights organizations. Seems they object to capitalism.

  • John Smith

    I was going to post on the HSUS website, but first I read their blog rules, which states that anything they don’t like will be deleted. My plan is to keep a tally on the number of times I see the HSUS anti-seal hunting commercial on t.v. This number will be the number of seal steaks i eat when I visit a country that the HS has not succeeded in forcing to ban seal hunting or the sale of seal meat. I would like to see others make this same commitment.

  • KaD

    Exactly. They’re not different than PETA, who believe in no human-animal interaction whatsoever. No zoos or aquariums, no leather or fur, no meat or milk, no PETS. They believe that pets are slaves, slavery is abuse, animals are better off dead.

  • k9gardner

    Wow. I actually am in total agreement that we need to “get rid of the entire [animal agriculture] industry” as you suggest HSUS has as its “secret mission.” Absolutely! The current agribusiness and meat production industry is perhaps the most egregious example of man’s inhumanity, period, that could ever be imagined. I’m kind of led to think that either you truly do not know what is going on in that world, or you don’t care. Perhaps you too subscribe to that Great American Belief that meat comes from supermarkets, and has no identity as an animal before it was wrapped in plastic?

    To clarify, as a result of information you’ve provided, I do plan to cease my modest monthly support of HSUS, in favor of local organizations, so thank you for that info. But much of the rest of your platform? Sheesh! I hope you’ll wake up to the reality that the way we eat, and the way we raise the food that we eat, is killing us, killing other people around us, causing species to become extinct, and creating massive global environmental disturbances. But besides these few minor details, I guess everything’s fine the way it is. We don’t really need to change, eh?