Humane Bites #309: Pacelle Upset Over White House’s New Dog

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Posted on 08/26/2013 at 3:22 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Ed Muzika

    Obama promised several times to get a shelter dog, “A mutt like me.” He could have been instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of shelter dogs by his example. He didn’t. In both cases he got purebred dogs which makes him a liar, and shows clearly his elitism.

    • Adrienne Caldwell

      If you voted for Obama you inadvertently elected a supporter of this type of torture via his support of Vick’s re-signing. You think you can just pollyannishly post photos of Obama and Michelle hugging one another while turning your head to the suffering that is the consequence in part of this man’s actions? A real MAN, a real PRESIDENT would have admonished the NFL publicly for suppirting Vicks. Now look what your rose colored glasses vote produced!

      • Aussie Lover

        LMAO. EVERYTHING is Obamas fault!!!

        • Steve O

          No, the fault lies in an under-educated voting public that is too bored and too lazy to spend 6 months before an election reading and listening to a broad and divergent media on the candidates as well as a plethora of information of the voting issues at the time of an election. While any American of legal age and not in prison can vote, that does not exactly follow that voting will be by people who are knowledgeable enough about the candidates or the issues to make sound voting decisions.

    • Adrienne Caldwell
    • larkinvonalt

      Like many people, the Obamas wanted a dog with a predictable temperament, breed type and health profile. I applaud them for not knuckling under to the bullying of animal rights activists. There is NO pet overpopulation in this country. Dogs and cats die in shelters because shelters kill them rather than making the effort to follow a working no-kill model.

      • lildavidjax nunya

        What planet are you from?

      • Binki Williams

        No pet overpopulation? When was the last time you visited a shelter? He did make a donation to shelters so he is ok in my book he also spoke out against bsl another plus for the president but for you to say there is no issue and that the shelters choose to kill animals is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, most of the employee’s are animal lovers who work in thier spare time for free because people refuse to wake up and get these animals fixed.

        • LoupGarouTFTs

          There is no overpopulation problem in this country, only a distribution problem. If there were an “overpopulation” problem, then shelters all over this country would not be importing puppies from overseas, from Mexico, and from U. S. territories. As to getting pets spayed or neutered, approximately 80% of all owned dogs and cats are already spayed or neutered. That’s quite a significant chunk of our animals in this country, don’t you think?

        • Chris

          If there is a pet overpopulation in this country please explain the importing of homeless dogs from other countries?

          A rescue is not the right fit for everybody. Pure and simple. And I would think living in the White House would mean the dog had to be above reproach as far as having a stable temperament.
          As far as altering goes. Studies are showing that doing so can cause some very harmful health issues. Expensive and some sometimes fatal health issues.
          The Obamas did the responsible thing. They researched what would be a good fit for them. If every pet owner did such there would be far fewer pets needing homes.

        • Lisa L. Dean

          there is NO pet over-population in the USA… stop reading peta and hsus crap… every dog club and the akc, ukc, and every shelter in the usa KNOWS there isn’t an issue .. so why do you believe there is???

      • Debbie Debra Patton Evans

        Bullying of ACTIVISTS????? They are just concerned about the millions of cats and dogs that get killed all of the time! What planet do you live on? I have 3 purebred Chinese Crested from RESCUES!!!!! You can get any breed from a breed specific rescue! SO, if you want a personality, temperment specifically, it can be rescued!

        • mmckowen

          I think you need to do some homework. YES ACTIVISTS, Read what HSUS and PETA are all about. I doubt there are many PWDs in rescue. Most breed rescues are filling with mixes not purebred dogs. I do not like Obama’s politics but he has a right to choose what pet his family gets and where they get it from.

    • Vickijo1

      Do your homework. They chose a breed specific dog due to children”s allergies. That clearly makes him a good and caring parent, not a liar and eletist.

      • Debbie Debra Patton Evans

        YOU can get any breed of dog from Breed specific rescues! I have 3 Chinese Cresteds all from rescues! They are great for people with allergies! Just look at Bald is Beautiful Rescue, Bare Paws Rescue, Naked k9 Rescue, Crest Care Rescue, and the many other rescues that carry breed specific dogs!

        • Lisa L. Dean

          omg.. maybe he wanted a dog from a BREEDER with NO history!!!!

    • Iheartzooanimals

      You don’t get a rescue to be an example–it’s not an ego trip, it’s a personal commitment. You get a rescue because that’s what you want, you’re able to find the right dog for you and you’re willing to deal with the risks. Rescues can make fabulous pets but they’re not for everyone. If someone doesn’t want to take on that kind of uncertainty they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty. And since he decided a shelter dog wouldn’t work best for them, he made a donation to his local shelter. No wonder WP’s upset. He showed HSUS up since that’s something they don’t do much of even though their advertising certainly seems to promise it.

    • Iheartzooanimals

      Oh, and btw, those hundreds of thousands of dogs you seem to think he could miraculously save…would those be from the 600,000+ that get shipped in every year from other countries (per the CDC) to sell as “rescues” by shelters that are sitting empty? Talk about elitists…some people will pay $1000.00 just to say they bought an international rescue. Rescue is big biz these days. One shelter was advertising on Craigslist for people to sell them their puppies for $25 each so they’d have some inventory to sell at higher prices. Shelters do not want to go out of business–how odd. Instead some of them will scramble to get dogs from anywhere, diseases and all, to compete for big money purses put up by national AR groups, while they blame and demoralize legit breeders and try to legally run them all out of operation. President Obama does not need to be criticized for buying his family a quality dog from a quality breeder. But if he’d like to add a third one someday, and he’s courteous enough to want others to have the same opportunity, he does need to back off his support of those APHIS rules.

  • Samantha Ramey

    How can he be treated like shit for wanting a purebred? No matter the reason. I have a purebred and a mutt. If he got the dog from an actual breeder instead of some backyard breeder, leave him the fuck alone. Let the man enjoy his new dog with his family. Because it isn’t a shelter mutt doesn’t mean it’s less important than any other fucking dog. A dog is a dog is a dog. At least they have a good home. There are far more important things to worry about then where the fuck the prez got his new dog.

  • rick56

    Who gives a rats patooty!! Anyone should have the right to the dog of their choice and to hell with the lying criminal HSUS or anyone else that does not like it!

  • Terri Greathouse

    Last time I check, this IS still a free country! Get off you self righteous soap boxes AR’s. If I want to buy a dog, I’ll do what I always do, BUY a dog. Blame the population out there that gets a pet and then with no training or time spent on the dog, throw it in a shelter or on the streets for some else to take care of. I for one am sick of Rescuers. I am a breeder/handler, Therapy Dog owner, retired Dog Groomer. I have rescued my breed throughout my career without having my chest all puffed out telling people how grand I am for doing so. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

    • Lisa L. Dean

      I completely agree!!
      I also BUY my dogs from a BREEDER. with a PEDIGREE.

    • Iheartzooanimals

      wooo…good for you! I’m cheering! If it wasn’t for the fancy, dog welfare would be through the floor. Think rescue is going to provide all those grants for health research, provide all those training and sports programs, and put on all those education and competition events? They should be kissing AKC’s feet…paws…and all their great breeders and owners, who btw operate the largest rescue network in the country.

  • MisterCadet

    If Wayne gave a rat’s tutu about shelter pets, he wouldn’t divert tens of millions of dollars a year from their care via HSUS’s fundraising scams. He’s a complete and total fraud.

  • nikki king

    There is definitely an overpopulation of unwanted pets in this country, and other countries. An uneven distribution, probably so. Just as there has always been an unequal distribution of wealth. Everything is not the same in each and every place on the map. The Obamas did what they felt was best for their families needs. So who’s to judge. Hey, at least one more dog has a good home . .