Humane Bites #312: State Rep. Labels HSUS an “Extremist Group that Misleads the Public”

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Posted on 09/30/2013 at 11:16 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • elaine hanson

    CORRECTION: Rep. Ellie Espling is not a member of the US Congress; she is a representative to the Maine State Legislature.

    The article HW links to carries this footnote:
    Rep. Ellie Espling, R-New Gloucester, represents New Gloucester, Durham,
    and part of Lisbon. She serves on the Maine Legislature’s Inland
    Fisheries and Wildlife Committee

    I can easily see why Humane Watch, and probably many others, would like
    her to be in Congress. That would likely be a big gain for everyone in
    the nation who values the freedom to own animals and use the products
    they produce.

    I applaud her clear understanding of what HSUS is about, and her willingness to say so openly. She is certainly doing great service in that regard to the citizens of Maine. If they don’t want to keep her there, or send her to Congress, though, I hope she’d consider coming to Minnesota – we could certainly use her knowledge of the tactics of animal rights agitators here.

  • Robert Gross

    This HSUS group sounds a lot like Grey2k USA.