Is Wayne Pacelle the Bernie Madoff of the Charity World?

We have a new video out about Humane Society of the U.S. CEO Wayne Pacelle today. You’ll want to see this.

While Pacelle is not a felon like Madoff and has not been charged with a financial crime, he does similarly run a giant scam to the tune of $100+ million a year. We’ve polled self-identified HSUS donors and found that three-quarters think their gifts are going to help shelter pets and reduce the euthanasia rate. Yet only 1 percent of the money HSUS raises with those ads full of dogs and cats trickles down to pet shelters, and HSUS doesn’t run any pet shelters of its own. Millions go to lawyers, lobbyists, and anti-meat/vegan propaganda campaigns that attack farmers. To raise money for this, Pacelle takes advantage of public confusion between HSUS and local humane societies, which are not affiliated with HSUS. Shelter professionals know the deal.

Does our message seem over-the-top? Not if you consider the rhetorical style of Wayne Pacelle and company at HSUS. Pacelle attacks critics of HSUS as “defenders of cruelty” and its lobbying affiliate has put out sleazy ads. HSUS employs as its food policy director a former PETA hack who has said that “Anybody who eats meat is guilty of holding the same mindset that allowed the Holocaust to happen,” and its P.R. department never seems to shy away from hyperbole.

So we might ruffle Pacelle’s fur a little bit with this video. But we’re sure he believes that you need to use blunt language to get your point across. And that’s exactly what we’ll keep doing.


Posted on 04/05/2013 at 10:04 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • missmuddypaws

    Once again, another great video put out by HumaneWatch! This needs to be a 60-second TV spot!

  • It’s the contempt of humanity that causes holocausts to happen, and The Holocaust wasn’t even the largest one during World War II. It is contempt of humanity to put the welfare of animals ahead of the welfare of humans.

  • WORSEKarma

    Wacky Wayne and Co. controlled the dialogue for so long, thanks to an adoring and completely uncritical US “press”, that he/they are now reacting like spoiled grade-schoolers hearing the word “No” for the first time in their collective lives. Keep up the good work. The nastier and screechier they get, the more effective you know you are at pulling back the curtain and showing the world the petty, spiteful little zealots at the controls.

  • teriquajones

    If my local shelter let’s me help, I volunteer. I know they prefer I give them money. I also know the shelters operate on local donations and fundraisers. I don’t have extra money to give anyone, so it’s not an issue for me. But I know the HSUS works on a lot of National campaigns to stop animal cruelty. They just don’t get crazy (like PETA 😛 ) so we don’t see them on the news.

    • Oh the get crazy but they do so behind everyones backs… Millions are colected for animal welfare but only 1% gets to the animals…!

  • Thats a good vidio. I enjoyed it.

  • before wayne, I think that was a good organization that did help alleviate a lot of cruel practices with animals. Pity wayne found a way to get rich capitalizing on the reputation the organization had previously built. All wayne has done is get rich off of it, he and his co-conspirators that are running the biggest scam ever pulled on the American people. whacky wayne and hsus – I can’t even bring myself to capitalize the names of those anymore