Station Domination, HumaneWatch Style

If you live in the D.C. area and commute on the Metro, you probably have no shortage of gripes, whether it’s waiting 8 minutes for a train during rush hour, cars without A/C, tourists who don’t understand “walk left, stand right,” the ancient trains, or simply the weird smells. But we’re hoping to make some commutes a bit more interesting.

We’ve taken out HumaneWatch ads all over Union Station, which also serves as a nexus for rail commuters and is located just a few blocks from the Capitol as well as in Metro cars throughout the system. You can see them below. For a system that gets 150 million trips a month, a lot of people are going to learn the truth about the Humane Society of the U.S.


DCMetro2 DCMetro3 DCMetro4 DCMetro5



Posted on 07/03/2013 at 6:38 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • MidWestGal

    Nice start but HumaneWatch needs to have public ads placed in every state so people can truly become more informed of what H$U$ does NOT do with donations. 🙂
    Also watched an episode of Rick’s Restorations last night and was saddened to see them restore an old golf cart to be auctioned of to benefit H$U$. 🙁

    • WORSEKarma

      This is why people need to talk to their friends and relatives, as well as e-mailing the hosts of shows like that. The H$U$’s “halo effect” is still strong, despite all the recent scandals, because the so-called “press” protects them (and every other AR ideologue) almost as aggressively as they protect the current president. They literally ignore any negative information about the H$U$ unless they have no other choice but to report it; and then they try to spin it.

  • dogs4life

    Very impressive…hope to see these in our area too.

  • fearnot


  • Slabgorb

    worked, got me here, got me mad.

  • Lynda Nelson

    I love this…..Keep up the good work Humane watch!!!

  • Karenh

    Good for you – some of these city folks have no clue . . .

  • Rebecca Polzin Lindemann

    Doing a fist pump at my desk! Love it!

  • Salvatore J Vitale III

    Your sooo close to Baltimore with these ads. Don’t forget places like Penn Station in Baltimore which sends MARC and AmTrak both north and south. GOOD JOB!!!!!

  • Jenny DelaFuente