Things Look “Grimm” for HSUS Political Ally

Grimm Pacelle

UPDATE 12/30: After pleading guilty to felony tax fraud last week, Grimm has announced his resignation from office, effective January 5, 2015. 

The Humane Society of the United States tries to get cozy with members of Congress as it pushes an animal-rights agenda on Capitol Hill. One of its pals, U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm from Staten Island, has seemed quite chummy with HSUS—something that HSUS’s P.R. handlers are probably trying to change. This morning, Grimm, a former FBI agent, surrendered to the bureau after he was indicted for fraud, perjury, and obstruction.

That’s Grimm, at right, with HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, who signed at least one check implicated in a witness-payment scheme that’s central to a federal racketeering lawsuit. Don’t the two make a great couple?

You’ll find the picture alongside a press release put out by self-promoter Arthur E. Benjamin, an HSUS moneyman and member of the group’s National Council. Benjamin himself has had his own scandal, with a supposed education company he founded and led being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for defrauding the government of over $200 million. According to the feds, the company wasn’t much help to its students, essentially using them as a pretense to fraudulently obtain government grants. Benjamin’s company agreed to shut down and pay millions in a settlement.

And then there’s news last week that the FBI is investigating animal rights activists in New York City for extortion. Allegedly, these activists may have broken the law in pressuring a mayoral candidate to oppose the use of carriage horses. We wrote about these carriage complainers in the New York Post recently.

There may not be as much animal-rights terrorism for the FBI to investigate these days, but from allegations of witness payoffs to racketeering to extortion, it seems that HSUS and its pals in the animal-rights movement are just one big mafia-like racket.

Grimm’s colleagues and political allies are no doubt trying to distance themselves from him at this moment. They should do themselves a favor and knock HSUS off their friend list, too.

Posted on 04/28/2014 at 1:49 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Kitty Dieterich

    WONDERFUL NEWS!!. Let’s make sure EVERY legislator who has ever scarfed up the H$U$ manipulative lies, and or supported legislation written/proposed by ignorant Animal Rightists, get full copies. Possibly in duplicate! Maybe even monthly!! I’ll be sending to all Texas reps who signed onto the PUPS Bill and were behind any Texas bills detrimental to pet ownership. Let’s see if we can get the rats to jump ship NOW. If Humane Watch doesn’t want this done, better let me know ASAP!

  • njcatlover

    Is this the same Representative Grimm who was discussed this morning on WNYC’s Brian L:ehrer Show? What I heard there was that he was allegedly involved in tax fraud by under-reporting his (vegetarian) restaurant ‘s receipts (thereby under-paying payroll taxes, worker’s comp taxes, etc). I heard nothing about an FBI connection to those charges.

    • laurelladesborough

      Yes. That is the same guy…he is “really into” all these nefarious activities, it appears.

  • Jan Dykema

    one correction that is Grimm at left.. but no matter they are both crooks..

  • MisterCadet

    Wanna talk tax fraud? HSUS is guilty of massive tax fraud because it diverts tens of millions of dollars a year (intended to save animals) to relentless lobbying activities. Mr. Grimm is just one of hundreds of legislators Pacelle has attached himself to over his long career. A disproportionately high percentage of Wayne’s political pals have been involved in scandals. Several have been forced to resign and a great number have been voted out of office, despite HSUS’s support. At this point, an endorsement from HSUS is the kiss of death.

    Mr. Grimm cooked the books. HSUS nukes them. Let me count the ways.

  • greyrooster

    Birds of a feather. Looks Grim for Grimm. Gotta love it.

  • DaleT

    High Fives to Humane Watch for keeping us informed. I have just sat thru a full day of hearing’s at California Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife. I can tell you I left with a very heavy heart as for the 8 hours, I watched HSUS testify on six of the bills, they are the greatest terrorist threat farmers, sportsmen, dairy farmers, poultry farmers, rodeos, circus’s, fishermen, and just common people like myself are facing. I watched them destroy entire sportsmen communities with their trumped up allegations and lies. It was very scary and sad I have to admit. We MUST keep educating the public on where their generous donations are really going and into who’s pocket. Definitely not in some neglected abuse animals food dish! We also must let the public know who the legislators are that are in HSUS’s pocket. In California our legislator’s are so corrupt it feels like a never ending job and they are multiplying by the handfuls daily, however we are NEVER going to stop fighting back for our FREEDOM. I am as we speak going through HSUS scorecard the post yearly on the job the legislators are doing in our state and all of them that are up for re election this year that receive 100% ratings we are targeting, I don’t care if I have to knock on doors, or stand in front of the shopping centers, to try to get the voters to support their opponents. We need to take out the garbage!!!!
    Cindy T.