Your Taxpayer Dollars Fund HSUS

The $640 toilet seat bought by the Pentagon. The $7,600 coffee pot. The $37 screws. The annals of government waste run long.

Add one more chapter: the Humane Society of the United States.

Federal records show that HSUS was awarded $715,000 last year from the federal government. Most of that money came from the Department of Justice, with another chunk of change coming from the Department of the Interior.

And what exactly is your money going towards? Some of it pays for shooting up feral horses with contraceptive drugs, while other money covers work HSUS should already be doing for free.

For the Department of the Interior, moneys to HSUS included $99,000 for “training on new penal code to improve enforcement of wildlife laws in Vietnam” and $65,000 for testing the contraceptive drug PZP on feral horses in northwest Arizona. HSUS wants the costly PZP to be used broadly to control wildlife populations, as an alternative to hunting–and taxpayers would foot the bill.

Ironically, Bureau of Land Management officials think PZP is a waste of time. According to a Government Accountability Office report released last month, “Due to the costs, limited duration of effectiveness, and the difficulty of accessing most areas, administering the treatments on a large scale is not currently cost-effective for maintaining most wild horse populations at sustainable levels, according to agency officials.” So why the outlay of public money to HSUS?

Funds from the Department of Justice, meanwhile, went to help pay for the care of dogs seized in criminal cases under the agency’s asset forfeiture program. The original contract value appears to have been reduced this year, but isn’t this something HSUS could do for free? HSUS has $50 million sitting in offshore Caribbean accounts, according to its latest tax return, and has enough money to pay 44 people over $100,000 a year in compensation. It spent $70 million on fundraising last year—couldn’t HSUS cut back on the junk mail solicitations to help care for some dogs? (Apparently not.)

Don’t want your tax dollars given to HSUS? Contact your Congressman and complain. A group hoarding $50 million in the Caribbean does not deserve a penny of taxpayer money. And since HSUS is on the public dole, perhaps an oversight committee can take a closer look at just how that money was spent.

Posted on 09/21/2017 at 11:42 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Kentucky red

    Guess I need to send this link to my Congressman and anybody else I can think of.

  • laurelladesborough

    OMG…this is beyond disgusting. I will be contacting my Congressman and Senator on this and I hope many others do also. This has to stop.

  • al smith

    California LOVES the HSUS so do most Demorats

  • Stephen Palos

    That PZP stuff should primarily be used on the idiots who are and who support HSUS

  • bonnie12

    The IRS already took a look at HSUS several years ago, and nothing came of it. Of course, that was when Lois Lerner was the head of IRS, and we all know how she used favoritism for liberal think tanks and against conservative ones. What many people don’t know is that she was also a big backer of HSUS. The IRS needs to take another look at HSUS, ASPCA and all the animal rights groups.

    • MisterCadet

      The IRS needs to take a look at HSUS – not the ASPCA. The ASPCA is a bloated fundraising behemoth that does far too little to help animals directly in comparison to the resources it has. But the IRS can only intervene when charities violate one or more of the very few regulations that exist. Excess lobbying and self-dealing are the main offenses that can result in charities losing their tax-exempt status. Filing false tax returns is another issue that the IRS addresses through fines and orders to file amended ones. HSUS has had to file amended returns, has been involved in self-dealing, and spends tens of millions on lobbying, while filing false returns to conceal it. HSUS has one or more lobbyists in every state and countless volunteer lobbyists. HSUS is supposed to count their salaries and hours on Schedule C of its tax returns. HSUS does not do this. If it did, HSUS could lose its 501(c)(3) status, pay huge fines, and have to reorganize as a 501(c)(4). Unfortunately, the government is so screwed up, the IRS does not do its job of policing charities. Other countries do a much better job. HSUS’s Canada division lost its tax exemption because all it did was lobby and campaign against the seal hunt and dog breeders.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    HSUS solictors are leftwing nutjobs just like the scum at Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Pat Loeschen

    The government throwing away the taxpayers’ dollars again. Paid off politicians wasting our money. Enough!!

  • MisterCadet

    I’m pretty sure the people at the DOJ asset forteiture division have been misled (by HSUS) into believing that HSUS runs and funds local Humane Societies – and routinely rescues animals. HSUS’s trick is to insert one of its lawyers to obtain legal custody of the seized animals so it can later apply for reimbursement of their “expenses.” In the past, HSUS would sue the owners of the “rescued” animals – hoarders, breeders, etc. and even put a lien on their property to further wreck their lives. When that tactic failed, HSUS appealed to the government and tricked it into doing its bidding. People should contact the DOJ and its asset forfeiture department to let them know they have been scammed by the biggest rip-off in animal “charity” history.