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  • HSUS Lobbyist, Congressional Ally Are Under Fire

    UPDATE 7/25: The House Ethics Committee has opened a probe of Rep. Whitfield. If you’re in Congress and your spouse works for a lobbying group, would you sponsor a bill that the lobbying group wanted you to support? Many politicians would likely be cautious due to the appearance of undue influence. But not in the […]

  • Oklahoma Attorney General Subpoenas HSUS

    In March, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt announced that his office was opening an inquiry into the fundraising of the Humane Society of the United States, issuing a “consumer alert” to the public about national animal charities. Things have been fairly quiet in the news since then—until yesterday. Speaking to the radio show “All Around […]

  • HSUS Horse Sanctuary: All About the Money

    Given the Humane Society of the United States’ recent settlement of a bribery lawsuit for up to $15.75 million, we decided it would be worthwhile to review some other litigation against HSUS. No, not the lawsuit HSUS is facing in South Dakota over an animal seizure. No, not the lawsuit HSUS faced in Hawaii relating […]