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  • When Animal Rights Activists Attack

    Civil discourse begins to crumble when people who do not see eye-to-eye cease to civilly communicate with each other and resort to acts of aggression (see current Presidential election!). This notion was on full display last week, when several animal rights activists harassed families seeking one of the quintessential experiences in New York City: riding […]

  • HSUS’s “Future of Food” Looks Bleak, Bacon-less

    The weekend before last the Humane Society kicked off its “Future of Food “conference in Washington D.C. The event was held in a large hotel ballroom and promised to revolutionize the way you think about food. We, of course, went so that we could report back on what we observed. The excitement was palpable as […]

  • “Separate, But Equal” Discrimination at HSUS?

    Contrary to the commercials you see on TV, the mission of the Humane Society of the United States isn’t to provide shelter for homeless cats and dogs. Instead, the group is run by radical PETA-like extremists who want to ban cheese, meat, milk, eggs, and other animal products. Pets are just a way to raise […]