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  • HumaneWatch Back in Times Square

    Hold the Phone

    We’ve got a new billboard smackdab in the center of Times Square. For those in New York, keep an eye out around 46th and 7th avenue. For those everywhere else in the world, take a look here and spread the word.

    Too many people assume HSUS and their local shelter are affiliated. They’re not. Others think a nice sounding name like ‘Humane Society’ makes them saints. That’s certainly false: Not many saints have paid millions to settle bribery allegations.

    Such deceptions are common.  A supermajority of their donors believe donations go toward helping shelter pets. Even though most HSUS ads feature cats and dogs in shelters, only 1 measly percent of its millions actually reach local pet shelters.


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  • North Carolina Bill Would Put Money in HSUS’s Pocket

    Update: Readers tell us that Rep. Bradford is now educated about HSUS, and will find a different organization to be a beneficiary. HSUS’s pals at PETA put out a few press releases every year calling for roadside memorials to animals killed in accidents. Now, a roadside memorial bill in North Carolina would result in cash to […]

  • Update: HSUS was on the Hook for Nearly $11 Million to Settle RICO Lawsuit

    With news of Ringling Bros.’ circus elephant acts ending last week, we’ve been reminding the public of the Humane Society of the United States and its major legal blunder involving the circus. Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling, sued HSUS and other animal rights groups, gaining through settlement $9.3 million from the ASPCA in 2012 and […]