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  • What Were They Thinking?

    We get occasional questions about our thoughts on other animal groups, but we generally keep things focused on the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). That’s our primary mission. But just as we’ll occasionally write something about PETA, there’s a new development with another group that caught our eye. Last night we received word […]

  • Quotes from HSUS’s CEO about Banning Hunting

    It seems HSUS isn’t having much luck with its ballot initiatives this year. It withdrew its initiative in Colorado, lost an initiative fight in Missouri, and then was outmaneuvered in Michigan. That leaves an initiative in Maine to restrict bear hunting—and HSUS is already showing its desperation, with its CEO Wayne Pacelle implying that he […]

  • Outfoxed on Michigan Wolves

    There’s been a fight in many states over how to manage the resurgent wolf populations. The gray wolf, which was once hunted to near extinction, has through the past few decades made a substantial recovery and is no longer endangered in certain areas of the US. That has led some states to propose different management […]