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  • HSUS Backs Employment Deception in NC

    HSUS is madder than a wet hen at the North Carolina legislature. What has HSUS so worked up? North Carolina’s statehouse recently passed a bill that could crack down on HSUS “investigations.” The Property Protection Act was passed to protect businesses from those who obtain a job to attack their employer. The bill’s purpose is to make […]

  • Humane Society CEO: The $4 Million Man

    In a recent interview, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle was asked “how were you motivated to enter the field of animal welfare?” As one might expect, Pacelle replied “compassion for animals.” But Pacelle left out another huge motivating factor—his salary and benefits are really sweet. Since 1994, Wayne Pacelle has raked in nearly $4 million as an animal-rights […]

  • Will You Throw These Animals a Bone?

    We’ve got new ads up in our nation’s capital—on Capitol Hill, to be exact. We’ve taken over the Metro stop right next to offices for the House of Representatives. The misnamed Humane Society of the United States is trying to make inroads with federal lawmakers, so we’ll be using this opportunity to remind staffers that […]