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  • A Doggone Shame

    HumaneWatch has frequently noted how miserly the Humane Society of the United States can be when it comes to actually providing care to animals. Even though it receives more than $100 million in contributions, HSUS only gives 1% of its budget to local pet shelters. And even though HSUS can afford to stash away $50 million  in Caribbean […]

  • HSUS Tries to Ban Bacon and Eggs in Massachusetts

    On Wednesday, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and a ragtag consortium of animal-rights and labor groups announced a Massachusetts ballot measure that would ban most pork and eggs from being sold in Massachusetts by 2022. The proposed law, which would ban the sale of all pork and egg products that come from farms using common animal […]

  • HSUS Sends Us a Legal Complaint, We Respond

    We got a letter recently from the Humane Society of the United States’ general counsel demanding that we stop running one of our ads. The ad appeared recently in National Review, a conservative magazine, and pointed to how much of the political spending of HSUS affiliates goes to liberals. HSUS has been going around town […]