10 Things You Should Know About HSUS

If you’re visiting this site for the first time thanks to our ad in USA Today–welcome! Here’s the full list of things you should know about the so-called “Humane Society” of the United States, starting with the three in our ad. It’s a story of financial malfeasance and misrepresentation. But the local humane societies across America are not affiliated with HSUS. So, do your research, but please try to help your local shelter. Click on the links for more information.

10 Things You Should Know About HSUS

1. HSUS raises millions of dollars from American animal lovers through manipulative advertising. An analysis of HSUS’s TV fundraising determined that more than 85 percent of the animals shown were cats and dogs. However, HSUS doesn’t run a single pet shelter and only gives 1 percent of the money it raises to pet shelters while sucking money out of local communities.

2. HSUS’s own donors and local shelters feel wronged. A poll of self-identified HSUS donors found 80 percent thought HSUS “misleads people” about their connections to pet shelters and 75 percent were less likely to support the group when they found out the truth. And according to a poll of animal shelters most agree that “HSUS misleads people into thinking it is associated with local animal shelters.”

3. HSUS puts more into its pension plan and Caribbean hedge funds than it gives to pet shelters. Between 2012 and 2014, HSUS put over $50 million in Caribbean investments while also putting nearly $10 million into its pension plan.

4. While it raises money with pictures of cats and dogs, HSUS has an anti-meat vegan agenda. Speaking to an animal rights conference in 2006, HSUS’s then-vice president for farm animal issues stated that HSUS’s goal is to “get rid of the entire [animal agriculture] industry” and that “we don’t want any of these animals to be raised and killed.”

5. In May 2014, HSUS was part of a $15.75 million settlement of a federal racketeering lawsuit. Feld Entertainment sued HSUS, two of its in-house lawyers, and others under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act for bribery, obstruction of justice, fraud, and other torts. Court documents indicate that HSUS sent several checks as part of an alleged witness-payment scheme.

6. HSUS’s senior management includes others who have voiced support for terroristic acts. HSUS chief policy officer Mike Markarian has written that “A perfect example of effective rebellion is an Animal Liberation Front raid on a laboratory.” HSUS food policy director Matt Prescott, meanwhile, has written that “I also believe in the actions of the ALF and other such groups.” (Prescott is a former PETA activist.)

7. HSUS’s senior management includes a former spokesman for the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a criminal group designated as “terrorists” by the FBI. HSUS president Wayne Pacelle hired John “J.P.” Goodwin in 1997, the same year Goodwin described himself as “spokesperson for the ALF” while he fielded media calls in the wake of an ALF arson attack at a California meat processing plant. In 1997, when asked by reporters for a reaction to an ALF arson fire at a farmer’s feed co-op in Utah (which nearly killed a family sleeping on the premises), Goodwin replied, “We’re ecstatic.”

8. HSUS receives poor charity-evaluation marks. CharityWatch (formerly the American Institute of Philanthropy) has issued several “D” ratings for HSUS in recent years over the group’s wasteful spending practices. Additionally, the 2013 Animal People News Watchdog Report discovered that HSUS spends 55 percent of its budget on overhead costs.

9. HSUS’s CEO endorsed convicted dogfighting kingpin Michael Vick getting another pet. After Vick got out of prison, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle told the press that he thought Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner.” This startling comment came after Vick’s new employer, the Philadelphia Eagle, made a $50,000 “grant” to HSUS.

10. Given the massive size of its budget, HSUS does relatively little hands-on care for animals. While HSUS claims it “saves” more animals than any other animal protection group in the US, much of the “care” HSUS provides is in the form of spay-neuter assistance. In fact, local groups that operate on considerably slimmer budgets, such as the Houston SPCA, provide direct care to more animals than HSUS does.

Posted on 01/26/2016 at 8:38 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • nytw

    It’s a liberal organization what did people expect. No doubt his organization has the Obama seal of approval.

    • Atomic Man

      Because Conservatives are somehow better? idiot.

    • Jessica Curtis

      Wow, nytw! That is very ignorant of you! Not everything can be blamed on political views, and Obama has nothing to do with HSUS.

    • phatkhat

      Don’t drag politics into it. People of ALL political persuasions love animals equally, and it is beyond inflammatory to try to derail the discussion into liberal vs conservative. Sheesh.

  • Bonnie Buzzanca

    I didn’t know this about the Humane Society. Luckily, I always give to my local shelters.

    • foodforthought et

      How can they be shut down!!!!! and where are all the other animal advocacy organizations on this.

  • Cindy Broenner

    well..the real remedy to this…since we can not fight city hall-so to speak…give locally…and no matter how tempting to may be to give to the HSUS…charity does begin at home…so make it locally…every year…first hand you can see what and to whom you have made it better…

    • Cal2

      Maybe you cant fight city hall but you can fight con artist like Wayne Pacelle and his crew.
      Take to ‘ twitter’ and bring him down with a million hash tags–since he likes ‘rebellion and aggressive actions’ give him a taste of his own medicine re:

      ”HSUS chief policy officer Mike Markarian has written that “A perfect example of effective rebellion is an Animal Liberation Front raid on a laboratory.” HSUS food policy director Matt Prescott, meanwhile, has written that “I also believe in the actions of the ALF and other such groups.”
      As an animal rescuer for 20 years I have had to go up against all kinds of ‘city officials’ and I can tell you the way to get them is make it ‘personal’ , hit them politically where it hurts. When trying to reform a ‘ entity’ whether private or government you cant attack the whole herd you have to cull out some of the individuals ‘ , separate them from the protection of the entity herd and go after them individually.

  • john

    I was president of a Humane Society for over 8 years and during that time, i never got so much as a dollar from hsus. Nor did I ever submit one document to them on the number of animals that we took in and placed or the number that had to be put to sleep. When the wife and I ran an animal rescue group in Michigan for over 14 years, one of our volunteers that owned a five star restaurant and his wife went to Alaska when they had the big oil spill up there. They saw the adds on TV showing all the work hsus was doing to help the animals. When they got there, they could not find one hsus person up there. After they got back to the states they contacted hsus about it… They were told that there was a big dinner party coming up and that they would fly them out to it in New York. All expense paid for the flight and the hotel accommodation. They told hsus what they could do with their dinner party.

    • HoneyBare’s Keeper

      You are the type of folks we need as humane society keepers, I thank you for your wonderful post. See my recent post about HoneyBare today.

    • Nancy Raymond

      Thank you John for your personal revelation of the deceit HSUS – it is now coming to light that they are as hypocritical as PETA and the $$$ goes to themselves. Local rescues and shelters are where we should contributing –

  • foodforthought et

    How can they be shut down!! and where are all the other animal advocacy organizations on this?

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    you’re quick to call names all the while proving just how stupid you are for lack of reading comprehension.

  • Liz Brown

    I am happy I just read this article. HSUS has been sending me renewal reminders, but I haven’t renewed yet. Now I won’t. It never occurred to me that they are a bogus charity, but just reading the item about Michael Vick is enough to make me stop supporting them. If someone would like a better organization to support, the group that actually took in all of the dogs that were rescued from Vick, Best Friends Animal Society (bestfriends.org) is a much better choice. I also support my local shelters, and a few other national animal welfare groups.

  • HoneyBare’s Keeper

    Here in Ann Arbor’s humane society or “Humane Society of Huron Valley” I was railroaded with threats of being arrested and my dog HoneyBare, being killed by them, HSHV.
    Someone called in and said my HoneyBare was abused, she was 20 yrs old and most folks have never seen a 20 year old big dog. HoneyBare was still walking, just not fast and for sure its no fun to be 20 yrs old or X 7 in dog years, that would be 140 years old, but HoneyBare was all too happy to be alive, just moving real slow. So after HSHV came out and HoneyBare and I was not home, I called them back to clear up the misconception of HoneyBare’s abuse that never happen. HoneyBare was cared for 24-7 and never left alone, as I suffered with her for her old age. So I went down to this so called Humane Society and talked to the manager and he said he understood. But then the Humane Society director woman parked next to my car with HoneyBare in it. HoneBare was sitting up and all the window were down and it was 10am in the morning and 75 degrees outside, a perfectly pleasant morning for HoneyBare to be alive. Well, the director accused me of dog abuse when she saw me. I said HoneyBare is 20 years and I am asking for a letter of writ so folks that call in against HoneyBare, can understand HoneyBare’s extreme old age and that she is under a Vets and my endless care. The director said HoneyBare should be put down. I responded by saying that, I am a seniors’ caregiver, where the 82 year old senior has suffered from cancer, heart attack stroke and that I just got her out of the hospital and she is doing fine. The humane society director responded to my senior care, “We should put seniors down too” (like HoneyBare). These organizations seem to have a killer mentality. During HoneyBare’s life, a book was written for her, called “NOAHDogs”, with HoneyBare’s many pictures and central message – a command by GOD to “Replenish Life, every living creature for perpetual generation”, which is from Genesis 9, in the bible. The book NOAHDogs ends on the last page with this scripture from Revelation 22:14-15, “blessed are they that do the commandments, for they may enter into the city and in through the gates, for without are dogs”. meaning, if you don’t replenish life, instead of killing it, well you figure it out. Point is Replenish life, don’t kill it, just because animals and folks need your help and don’t farm out your communities animals needs to rogue, high paid assassins calling themselves humane.

  • Mary Mahaffey

    These people attempting to make a political statement out of a very serious subject are nothing short of trash.

  • Jessica Curtis

    I came here because of the direct mail I received in my post office box today. I used it as an example of how the humane society lies to the people of America on my Facebook page. I also came here to check out the site, and I’m glad this is becoming public! Thank you for putting yourself out there like that and spreading the word!

  • Gloria Johnson

    thank you so much for the mail I got today!

  • Deb

    I visited your site due 2 the direct mailer I received, thank you for the information. I commend you 4 taking the initiative 2 get the information out 2 the public so they know not 2 support fraudulent organizations. I also wanted 2 let everyone know that donating 2 your local shelter doesn’t mean you have 2 give cash. Shelters need and will accept donations of pet beds, pet food, paper towels, printer paper & many other things that they use on a daily basis! I recommend you visit your local shelter Wed site or give them a call 2 get a list of supplies they accept as donations. They also need volunteers, so if all u have is time 2 donate that would be great as well & the furbabies will be thankful 2! Thank you for taking the time 2 read my post and lets get out there and help our local shelters any way we can!

  • Rhonda Braybrook

    So Who’s watching them? I received a post card too. What can we do? It said that HSUS’s CEO, endorsed Michael Vick, so he could get another dog. Is this the money going.They just do as they want with all this money we know nothing about.All these Millions don’t go to helping all the animals in shelters. Shame on this Humane society of the United States…

  • marleenandlouie

    Isn’t that just what Obama has done for his entire administration? He’s still blaming Bush for Heavens sake!

  • K.A.

    I have read that the HSUS is also ‘ working ‘ with government i.e. : USDA .
    I also have read that the HSUS is directly affiliated with our government… I’m tired of trying to CONVINCE people that the HSUS is not trustworthy!
    Additionally would like to know about the HSIUK.org . They are (obviously ) in the UK. They stipulate that they are all about no-kill (which I agree with) yet don’t seem to do much in the UK…
    Are they also affiliated with the government-as they state that they are not!
    Thank you

    • MisterCadet

      HSUS is NOT affiliated with our government, though the CEO brags about HSUS state reps (aka lobbyists) working with local government wildlife departments and similar stuff. The USDA has one or two ex-HSUS lawyers working there and the USDA’s top dog Tom Vilsack and his failed political candidate wife have received huge donations from HSUS. So, while HSUS has some influence there, it is not nearly as much as they want people to believe. Largely because HSUS has no real expertise in agricultural issues – just animal rights campaigns. Agriculture trade associations do have influence and that is appropriate. I don’t think animal agriculture is evil like HSUS does but I do support welfare reform, just not HSUS’s version of it. As far as HSI-UK, it is a lobbying branch largely working with the European Union to influence policy. It’s a tiny branch and does nothing for dogs and cats – definitely not shelter pets. If HSI-UK is pretending to be involved in animal sheltering, that needs to be exposed as a lie. It wouldn’t be the first lie told by HSUS, which has told countless falsehoods over decades in order to rake in the dough and divert money from high quality animal charities here and all over the world.

  • We simply said the HSPCA provides *more* direct care than HSUS. That’s it…

  • NewOrleans143

    Thank you for bringing out the Truth about these organizations! I am so disgusted….I cancelled HSUS and also ASPCA!!! I approached them about it (ASPCA) in cahoots with HSUS and they denied it. I support only my local Humane Society! Am also an animal rescuer – 30 years,… 20 cats and 3 dogs,….some live out their lives, and then more come. Serious animal lover!!

  • Mary Rae

    The reason those humane societies keep promoting Vick is because of the huge amounts of money constantly given to pit bull rescues which in the long run continues to support dog fighting. If dog fighting is illegal, and it is illegal to transport or harbor pit bulls for such purposes , why are they still breeding and pushing the adoptions of vicious pit bulls.

    • Caitlin

      You clearly misread that part. The official HSUS are the ones who backed Vick, not you local animal shelter. No legitimate pit bull rescue which by the way are mostly just average shelters are going to support dog fighting. I don’t understand how you could make such an ignorant statement. Most Pits pulled from fighting situations end up in loving homes without issue. All of Vick’s dogs were placed in home, some of which had other animals. The few that were put down were put down for medical reasons, not behavioral. Every dog deserve a chance at a better life. Any dog that has been abused has the ability to react due to the abuse they went through. Pit Bulls are not born killers. You can take any dog and train it to be a fighter. It is amazing what a little time and patience can do with an animal and if you can’t offer that to an abused animal then you’re a sad person.

      • Mary Rae

        Really , any dog can be trained to fight and kill? You need to do some reading and start talking to victims. There has been time after time where a pit bull is mauling and killing a pet of human and another breed of dog is with it, but that other non pit bull dog does not join in the mauling. It’s genetics, a Border Collie would have no clue on his to murder a human, just as a pit bull would have no clue on how to herd sheep . Every dog does not deserve another chance to kill, how can you promote that.

    • KGB

      The gentlest dog that I have ever known was a pit bull that was rescued from fighting. He was directly responsible for two arrests, searched buildings, and at the age of 14 tracked a missing toddler through an ice storm. He was the best baby sitter my grandchildren ever had, and was equally gentle and protective with baby animals and birds.

      • Mary Rae

        Lol, the old ” my pit bull is a nanny dog” bs. Why do other breed owners NEVER say that? Sure there are gentle out bulls, but there is no way to determine which one will turn I you or your pet in s second. Why take that chance with your grand babies. Do you also let a rehabilitated pediophile babysit your grandchildren after he promises not to molest them . You would believe and trust him , just like that pit bull.

  • Caitlin

    This article also said donate to your local shelter. I wouldn’t donate to any shelter other than those near me. As for HSPCA, what is being done to help this shelter convert to a no kill? Contact Nathan Winograd, who is a big pusher for no kill shelters and works with shelters to lower killing rate, he may be able to offer some advice. I wouldn’t discredit this page over one simple statement.

    • Mary Rae

      Sure, Nathan, along with most no kill advocates, care nothing for the innocent animals killed by pit bulls, their whole agenda is breeding and saving more pit bulls.

      • Caitlin

        Mary Rae you clearly show no compassion to any animal killed by other animals as well as humans. We don’t advocate the breeding of more APBT or any other breed. The only I’m even okay with breeding is if done by a breeder that cares about their dogs and is not solely out to make a profit. I do not understand how people can claim they love animals but advocate for the death of a certain species or breed, that sound very contradicting to me. Yes I love the Bully breeds and that is because of the many wonderful experiences I have had with them but that doesn’t mean I dislike other animals any less. There are many breeds that will attack another animal, Hound dogs will with no issue because they’re hunting dogs. MY dogs that I before getting my Pit mixes would kill moles, rabbits, and one time my GSD mix got a groundhog.

      • Caitlin

        Also Mary, who is Nathan? If you’re speaking to me my name is Caitlin if you can’t read where it shows my name.

  • Alex Mintz

    Give locally. Also a local “Humane Society” is not an affiliate of the national, they’re different entities. ASPCA is a far better organization.

    • 1OldDudette

      The ASPCA is not much better than HSUS. Check out their overhead compared to their actual funds for the animals. Give to local SPCA’s that are not connected to ASPCA, there are many. Ours here in Buffalo is one of the best as well as having the distinction of being the second oldest SPCA in the country.

  • Victoria

    Donate right to the shelter

  • Yuliya Mikhaylova

    Based on one of the comments I want to clear something up:
    “No-kill” actually means “limited admittance” — they take in only the amount of animals they have room for. They will still euthanize animals that need euthanizing due to health reasons or financial constraints.
    “kill” shelters are “open admittance” — this means that they will take in any and all animals given to them, even if they don’t have space. Someone has to do it. If all shelters were “no kill” limited admittance shelters, you would see more animals out on the streets, suffering.
    Limited admittance shelters will turn animals away if they don’t have space. Now what do you do with this animal? While “No kill” sounds nice and “kill shelter” sounds bad, they all have their limitations and are doing their best to do what’s right by the animals.
    So maybe if Houston SPCA is a high kill shelter, the problem is with Houston animal owners who are abandoning their animals or not spaying/neutering them, not with the shelter. Being an open admittance shelter, Houston takes in every animal they are given, forcing them to kill animals that have not found homes, to make room. It is a very, very tough and depressing job.

    • Kellie Campbell

      I want to thank you for clearing that up, I really didn’t know that a no kill animal shelter still had to put animals down. It is a sad state when people can’t spay and neuter their pets so we don’t have so many running loose. I realize it can be costly, but I have also found in one or two instances there was help in getting it done.

  • Nicole Sheldon

    Yikes. This is horrible. Thanks for sharing and exposing it all. Give to local shelters!

  • Jo Ann Poplar

    sad. so sad. hope someone of HSUS has a conscience,. Exploiting Animals and Children is the lowest.

  • Vestallady

    I believe that the local humane societies are alright The one near me is very good! It’s just HSUS that’s corrupt! Give to your local shelters, not a large organization!

  • Mary Rae

    So you believe that the dogs that love to kill other dogs should be allowed back into our neighborhoods so they can continue to do to our pets what they do in the fighting ring? I’m sure you also advocate for rehabilitated pediophiles to be allowed to work in day care centers and schools.

    • George S

      They didn’t “love to kill other dogs”, they were TRAINED to kill. A lot of the dogs from Michael Vick’s compound were rehabilitated and actually became family pets. I would recommend you read the book “The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption”.

  • Mary Rae

    Why is your no kill , often times meaning slow kill , better than humanely putting down vicious dogs? Why is it ok for pit bulls to continually maul and kill our pets, but it is not ok to put them down . No pit bull advocate has ever answered this, maybe you can.

  • DixieFlorida

    It would help if this were copiable to Facebook.

    • Melanie Groves

      Hi Dixie Florida – I just emailed the group and said the same thing. In the meantime I am going to cut and paste this to facebook. People need to be enlightened – They also need to know how many dogs and cats are put to sleep each day while pet stores sell puppy mill puppies for thousands of dollars – makes me sick. Check out http://www.anactofdog.org

    • Melanie Groves

      Actually I just took a screenshot of the ad from the newspaper – the PDF that is uploaded and will share that on facebook in the meantime.

    • Quazoid

      Cut & paste the url into FB. It will open it up. I did that.

  • Pat Dew

    My what an eye opener! I heard years ago that the Humane Society of the US was not as honest as they claimed they were. So I quit donating to them. I usually donate locally but I also donate to START, Best Friends Animal Society, Alley Cat Allies, North Shore Animal League and Soi Dog Foundation. I wonder if the International Humane Society is legit?

    • MisterCadet

      Humane Society International is the opposite of legit. It is just another fundraising stream for HSUS. HSI claims to have offices all over the world but the vast majority of HSI staffers are lobbyists and fundraisers working at Corporate Criminal Headquarters. Google “Malibu-Based Filmmaker Sues Humane Society” if you want to see just how slimy Wayne Pacelle is and how much HSUS/HSI cares about dogs.

  • Pat Dew

    Thank you for posting my post! 🙂

  • Mr. Deplorable

    I change the channel when their phony ads come on, which was often during the holidays. I simply donate to my local “no kill” shelter.

  • Mr. Deplorable

    I change the channel when the phony commercials come one and give when our local shelter does their annual fund raising.

  • 4veteranshonor

    While growing up, I had always been told that Children and Animals are sometimes the BEST at judging Human Character. I had also learned that People who hurt animals are usually EVIL. Now if the Humane Society is using animals to get rich, then they are truly EVIL. They have joined the ranks of Scam Artist such as the American Cancer Society, Disabled Veterans Association and MOST Union Organizations, who pay their officials Million Dollar Salaries. This country SUCKS.

    • JeanineS

      Its not the country that sucks, just because there are horrible people in ALL countries running these scams….and its not ALL people, but just some really sucky people that make it bad for others….
      We’ve just got to keep helping others and animals to show that everyone isn’t like that.

  • afftongrown

    Best solution is to keep your donations local. As it has been said; charity begins at home! So sad that people take advantage of people that want to take care of the less fortunate. Only leaves one disappointed and a little more hardened towards the world!

  • Frank Fr

    Give locally and volunteer. You can see the results and know the operators.

  • Maggie Casola

    I donate monthly to the ASPCA – I hope they are not like the HSUS.

  • Rhonda Chamberlain

    So are the SPCA ad you see on tv with the animals suffering part of this scam the one that says for just 20.00 a month you can help?????????

  • Donna Franz

    I didn’t read all the posts but I’m wondering if this includes the ASPCA????
    They are always e-mailing me to join again, and there was a time i donated to the ASPCA for a about a year. How do I know there a good Shelter?

  • Chuck

    I donate to my local shelter and to the Petco Foundation. Local Petco has regular adoptions of shelter animals and helps the “pet foster parent” program here.

  • Cindy Arce

    Their deceptive “practices” is exactly why I’m no longer a member of the HSUS. I turn the channel when their heart wrenching commercials come on. I give locally and to small organizations I know have the animals’ best interest at heart.

  • Chip

    Well, I have not been giving them $18/month (only 60 cents a day). So, I guess I will just continue that plan.

  • Terry Davis

    Here in Hot Springs, AR is a wonderful place called “Guardian Angel Cat Club”. They recently moved into a much larger building on Hobson st. I have adopted 3 cats from there at the previous locations. And am attempted on one handsome black fellow. A thrift store is in the front as you walk in. Good stuff, no junk. Priced low. Go to the back of store and up a few steps brings you to ‘Kitties’ there a room for ‘sick’ kitties, and several other spacious well-lit rooms, I have never smelled dirty litter. The cats, kittens and mama cats are surrendered or found dumped and sometimes rescued from someone selling kittens at walmart from their truck. This rescue organization depends on the generous donations of many people. They have a veterinarian Dr. Fletcher who spays/neuters gives meds for sick kittys. The asking donation to adopt a cat or kitten is $50.00. This is affordable. The cats I adopted were very healthy and had no problems at all.

  • Genevieve Frederick

    Give to national nonprofits that truly help animals. Their 2015 990 shows that only 30% of your donation dollars goes to their programs. The rest goes to overhead, staff and fundraising.

    Full disclosure: I am the founder of Feeding Pets of the Homeless dba: Pets of the Homeless where 85% of you donation goes to feed and provide veterinary care to pets of the homeless across the U.S.

  • Kristi Fergison-Andrews

    I’m glad I found out these things before I let them deploy me too supposedly help rescue animals well since apparently they’re not” hands on” anything that has to do with shelters or saving animals I’m sick to my stomach over this they need to be shut down!! Bernie Madoff went to prison this is basically just a Ponzi scheme sucking money out of unknowing victims under fraudulent pretenses! You people should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • CrazyGoatLady67

    People want to help animals. HSUS uses this desire to steal from those in need.

  • Hamper

    NEVER donate to these organizations because the money goes into their own pockets. Donate locally – always.

  • patricia elam

    Any one not taking care of God’s creatures are missing all the love in our world, My Pets are my world and comfort ,cannot imagine life and no friends,pets are best friends

  • Nga Hoang


  • Meagan Smith

    The humane society is a joke! I’ve been dealing with neighbor harassment for years and the neighbor took it so far as to poison my dog then call the humane society to report a sick dog. Their rep came out, with 2 cops, to threaten my elderly, disabled mother who just learned to walk again! In the process, their rep shoved my mother, twice, and attempted to open the door to the home, illegally. No warrant. No permission. The second time, a cop caught my mother (who uses a walker) from falling to the ground. Long story short, they took the dog, ignored the fact this was continued neighbor harassment that had been taken to a new level, and ignored our attempts to care for the dog. When I contacted them about it, and asked about getting the dog back, the reply was, “Well, you can adopt him once he’s up for adoption.” I have this recorded. So, they legally stole the dog, so I can PAY to get him back from them. What kind of SCAM is that?!?! They are literally profiting off animals that ALREADY have homes! That’s insane! All while struggling to maintain the health I their own damn shelters!

  • steve

    just saw your super bowl LII ad. nice

  • Jennifer

    Is the ASPCA one of them too? Where can you find info on these charities? Has anyone heard anything negative about Soi Dogs that are helping eliminate the dog meat trade?

    • Thomas Marks

      i read a story about the aspca less than 4% of the money they collect goes to help animals. give locally you may feel a little guilt at first when you see the commercials but you will see results.