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  • Why Does the Humane Society Want Animals to Get Sick?

    There’s been a lot in the news about antibiotic resistance and how that might affect the medical community’s efforts to fight bacterial illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of antibiotic prescriptions in humans are unnecessary. And it’s this misuse of antibiotics that is helping drive resistance.

    But you wouldn’t hear that from the Humane Society of the United States. Instead, HSUS and environmental activists are trying to blame farms. Farmers, with approval from veterinarians, can use antibiotics to treat or prevent disease in animals. And HSUS is trying to ban preventive use of antibiotics, which makes as much sense as banning the flu shot.

    At CuriosityStream—a new-ish streaming-documentary venture—HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle appears in a short video discussing antibiotic resistance. And Lyin’ Wayne tells some real whoppers. So much so that we produced the video below dissecting what he says.

    After you watch it, ask yourself this question: Why is a “Humane Society” advocating for a ban on antibiotic use that will result in more animals getting sick? Hint: The answer lies in understanding HSUS’s real agenda.


  • Fake News or Fact? See Our USA Today Ad

    Today’s edition of USA Today has a challenge from us in it: Can you spot the fake news about the Humane Society of the United States? Here’s the ad (click here to view the whole ad): Here’s the answer: None of it is fake news. It’s all fact. If you’d like more information about these […]

  • Convicted Animal Rights Terrorist Sneaks on to Fox News

    Tucker Carlson Tonight is Fox News’ new 9 p.m. show following the departure of Megyn Kelly, and the ratings are good so far. Complementing this, Carlson’s fiery takedowns of guests have had good pass-around value online. But it’s too bad he didn’t know that one of his recent guests deserved a grilling instead of a friendly […]