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  • See Our New “Doghouse” Ad in Politico

    With the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) pushing its legislative agenda on Capitol Hill, we decided it was time to release another ad highlighting some of the group’s worst actions. This time, we focused on targeting legislators and staffers by placing it in Politico.

    HSUS recently began pushing its radical agenda by overtly lobbying Republican lawmakers and staffers. By sending a delegation of “conservative” staff members to CPAC and by placing op-eds in Washington papers from a “conservative” employee—not to mention a column from one employee’s mother—HSUS has tried to normalize its repugnant brand of animal justice by making palatable arguments for animal welfare without mention of its overall goal to drastically reduce, and ultimately eliminate, all farm animals and pets.

    Parties on both sides of the aisle should reject HSUS.

  • Hampton Creek’s Staff Evaporates

    Hampton Creek, creator of vegan “mayonnaise” Just Mayo, has fallen on hard times yet again. It’s reported that the situation has grown so dire that even the executive staff is being cut. The chief financial officer (CFO) and human resources chief were both given their walking papers recently, as well as several other staffers. The company’s mission […]

  • BREAKING: IRS Complaint Filed Against HSUS, Whole Foods, GAP

    Today, we filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against Whole Foods Market, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) for what we believe is an improper profit-driven effort to benefit Whole Foods. HSUS and surrogate animal-liberation allies are currently engaging in campaigns threatening restaurants and other companies […]