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  • These Activists Don’t Want You to Enjoy Turkey on Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is truly a special time of the year. Family and friends get together to celebrate a delicious feast, football games, and holiday cheer. But this turkey-focused holiday drives some vegan animal rights activists over the edge.

    This time of year, we’ve seen PETA try to place TV spots attacking the idea of eating turkey; the ad was banned because it didn’t meet network standards. Just this past weekend another group of animal rights activists along with Direct Action Everywhere (professional protestors) showed their distaste for the holiday by going to local grocery stores pulling out several frozen turkeys and staging a funeral in the store.

    And the Humane Society of the United States, like PETA, hates the idea of a main course of turkey.

    Take Bernard Unti, special assistant to HSUS President & CEO Wayne Pacelle. According to Unti, he has been a strict vegetarian ever since an early age.

    So it’s no surprise then that he doesn’t have a hankering for Thanksgiving turkey. “We can also move toward a more beautiful and nonviolent celebration of Thanksgiving by choosing a meatless meal,” preached Unti in a long letter to the Chestnut Hill Local. “If anyone wishes to give thanks, let him or her give thanks they’re not a turkey or Ethiopian,” he concluded. (In another tirade published by the paper, he wrote: “animal agriculture is the single greatest threat to our natural environment.”)

    This Thanksgiving, give thanks and be tolerant of everyone around the table—no matter their dietary choices. Let’s hope the animal rights activists will do the same… And keep on the lookout for spontaneous Turkey funerals as you maneuver your way through the holiday rush.

  • Another Animal Care Center Shut Down by HSUS?

    For those who were disturbed to learn about the Humane Society’s plan to shut down the Cape Wildlife Center, we have bad news: It appears HSUS is shutting down another animal care center.

    The Doris Day Equine Center has been an integral part of the Black Beauty Ranch for about 5 years. Founded with a $250k grant from the Doris Day Animal Foundation, and subsequent support of around $450k the Equine Center has helped care for and adopt hundreds of mustangs. But we’re hearing HSUS has quietly shut it down in recent weeks.

    The apparent closing of the Equine Center comes weeks after HSUS revealed its plans to shut down the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts, which cared for 1,500-2,000 wildlife a year on a budget of $750,000. The announcement of that shutdown arrives at a time when HSUS is in the midst of a $2.4 million push for a ballot measure that would ban most eggs and pork from being sold in Massachusetts.

    This pattern of choosing politics over animal welfare reveals the true agenda of HSUS leadership. In their obsession with taking animal protein food choices away from consumers, they’re willing to throw animals in need of help under the bus.

    The depths that HSUS will go to further its political goals is outrageous and an insult to the people who trust them to use their donations to protect animals. We’ll be sure HSUS donors know to take their well-intentioned money elsewhere.

  • Does Wayne Pacelle Have a Problem with Women?

    HSUS recently laid off 55 staffers due to financial difficulties—despite pouring millions into lobbying campaigns for ballot measures this fall. The present situation isn’t the first time questions have been raised about Wayne Pacelle’s decision-making. In late 2004, after Pacelle became CEO of HSUS, he merged the organization with the Fund for Animals, an anti-hunting group he […]