HSUS Shelter Spending in Your State

(Coming from a gun-rights site? See also, “Why Gun Rights Activists Should Care About HSUS.”)

As we’ve previously reported, only about 1% of the budget of the deceptively named Humane Society of the United States goes to local pet shelters, and the organization doesn’t operate any shelters of its own. Not that you’d learn these facts from HSUS’s ads, which are full of dogs and cats.

An examination of HSUS’s 2013 tax return (the most recent available) reveals that although the extreme animal-liberation group took in more than $130 million in revenues, very little went to local pet shelters. How much went to help pet shelters in your state? Take a look at the map below (PDF). The answer may shock you.


Of its $130 million in revenues, HSUS gave less than $10,000 to help local pet shelters care for pets in 29 states. Shelters in 11 states – Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wyoming – didn’t receive a single dime from HSUS to help them care for pets.

If only 1% of HSUS’s budget goes to local pet shelters, where does the other 99% go? A few examples of wasteful HSUS spending:

Instead of funding the lavish lifestyles of HSUS execs who are socking away your donations in off-shore hedge funds, consider donating to pet shelters in your area.


Posted on 02/09/2015 at 9:50 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • larryg

    All charities require money to operate many are just huge scams. There’s a sucker born every day. Check them out before donation to see where the money really goes.

    • HoosiersH8LibTards

      Exactly! Every year I tell numerous ‘charities’ to go pound sand. Instead, every Christmas, Thanksgiving and July 4th I send my local PD/FD branches a $200 pizza party, buy a ticket for a vet to go visit DC and other ‘direct’ donations. And I do so anonymously, although I do let the PD and FD know which neighborhood it’s from.

      • TL_USA_leader

        Remember the USO and Salvation Army. They do good work.

        • NewOrleans143

          I remember the USO and Salvation Army…..I trusted them! Today is different…..the constant charities are numerous on television….everyone is begging for money!! I am rather turned off by it!!

  • Donna Bryan-Eaton

    Why can’t something be done about this?

  • Lauren Johnson

    They have a shelter here in Austin, TX-http://www.austinhumanesociety.org/

    • Local humane societies are not affiliated with HSUS. The names just sound similar, which causes public confusion.

      • Lauren Johnson

        Oh okay I did not know that thank you for letting me know. That is confusing.

    • johnsmith1921

      Not HSU – They don’t have ANY shelters. You’re dead wrong.

  • Jeff Neally

    Thank God for Humanewatch.org !

    • NewOrleans143

      Indeed!!! Thank you Humane Watch!!!

  • Susan Watts

    Disgraceful, I tell as many folks as possible. Doing my best to get the word out!

    • Graywolf12

      I posted the chart on Facebook. Please do the same.

  • John

    Always keep it local! When you support your local area, whenever possible, your local area will not need the government aid. I know this sounds impossible but think about it this is how our grandparents and fore-fathers made it. Yes the issues may be bigger or more numerous, but there are more people now then back then as well. Lets give local people a hand up and not a hand out. That goes for animals as well.

    • Jane

      BUT make sure that your local shelters have not been taken over by the
      animal rights mentality and workers.

      • Stan47

        Jane, that’s why it’s important to volunteer your time in addition to donating money.

    • HoosiersH8LibTards

      The number one argument I always have with pro-entitlement supporters……let’s keep it at the State and LOCAL level and get the FEDS out of the picture.

  • Paul E. Truitt, DVM

    Those who want to fight perverted charities need to read my soon to be released book Ecoterrorism “Ignored and Unenforced Laws” Perverted Charities are nothing more than organized crime organizations.

  • johnsmith1921

    Ellen Degeneres was given 3 million dollars for that famous selfie at the Oscars. She gave 1.5 million of it to St Jude Hospital and the other 1.5 million to HSUS. Wish she had given it to her local shelter.

    • Kentucky red

      I have read that she also supports PETA! That’s an evil messed up organization.

      • Wilfred Henseler

        I am one of P.eople E.njoying T.asty A.nimals

        • copyman

          We should join forces. I belong to People for the Edible Treatment of Animals. 🙂

      • john Everett Walker

        their purpose is to raise funds to enrich their management. their incidental function is to prove the adage about pelumbrius de pecunium. (the liberocensor didn’t like it in plain english)

        • Kentucky red

          If I had more time I’d look up the translation of that last part. If your saying peta is evil I agree.

          • john Everett Walker

            “fool from money” The first version of this was marked “pending” and I thought that the libero-censor might have taken offenses. Later, both showed up. Point being that there are plenty of exploitable idiots willing to fork money over to grifters.

      • Kathleen Espersen

        People eating tasty animals

    • tiko

      Too bad that she cares more for thieves than she does for places like St. Jude who actually help PEOPLE.

      • Marianna George

        St.Jude gives their C.E.O. six million.I do not donate to them anymore.

        • copyman

          St. Jude’s gives their C.E.O.$1,574,873, a far cry from your “six million”, and you can see that Give.org ratesthem highly: http://www.give.org/charity-reviews/national/alsac-st-jude-childrens-research-hospital-in-memphis-tn-2903
          You obviously have a computer; fact-check before you post a rumor that could damage the reputation of a fine charity.

          • June Haggar

            Even 1 1/2 million is TOO much for a charitable organization. Let him donate back ONE million. He can live really well on 500K

        • NewOrleans143

          And WHO is that C.E.O.? Marlo Thomas??? Six million? Ends my donation too!!!

    • Luzz

      Wish she did too, maybe write to her

    • Ivan Stojanovic

      mate you would rather spend money on animals then funding a hospital that could save children and babies. are you MAD.

      • Denny Dederick

        I totally agree with that frame of mind. I’ve had many dogs & cats and several other species and loved my pets. But when it comes to human beings versus animals the animals should always come in second. I’ve lived in the Philippines and seen 3 year old little girls who spend all day digging through huge mounds of garbage searching for anything edible. It’s about the saddest thing you could ever imagine. When I see people getting all worked up over some “poor starving” alley cat I get just a little bit disgusted. There are millions upon millions of animals in this world and putting time and accumulated very large amounts of money to house and feed them is a misplaced well intention.

  • Stoneysays

    I ONLY donate to shelters where I can go and see what they are using the money for. Even drove 4 hours to go to a horse shelter to make sure the money was being used on horses (and got to meet the horses I was sponsoring). One all volunteer cat shelter had a sign out front that it needed cat food and tuna. I was on my way shopping, bought a bagful of cat food (I always cut out pet product coupons so if I see it marked down or on sale I can buy it). Plus I dropped off a check with the food. I KNOW EVERY CENT I gave went to the animals, not to support a lifestyle I myself can’t afford. I don’t even contribute through my work because they take a percentage, then it goes to a clearing house which takes a percentage. I work too hard for my money not to have every cent I donate go to the cause I am donating to.

    • Luzz

      Excellent points!

  • Kathryn Smith

    and all those ‘puppies’ from the alleged ‘puppy-mill busts’ — who paid to take care of them – darn sure wasn’t HSUS – the local shelters and rescues had to suck it up and pay. They didn’t get any help for dog fight dogs, Chicken fight chickens, odd n’ ends of other species confiscated from hoarders or less than adequate breeding establishments.

  • Judy Mills

    This is horrific! I know many well meaning people that I need to get this to!

  • Diane Royall

    This is why I always say ” GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE” see your dollars working!

  • Outsider

    I am curious to know what requirements local shelters have to comply with to get financial support of, or grant money from HSUS.

    • William Valentine

      HSUS doesn’t give financial support or grant money to them

    • MisterCadet

      They have to help HSUS lobby for dog and even farm legislation in their state. They have to allow HSUS to publicize it’s largesse so HSUS can milk the small grant to rake in way more cash than it granted to the shelter.

      A few years back, HSUS started a sleazy grant program to give money to pet shelters impacted by the recession/loss of homes that flooded shelters with newly abandoned animals. HSUS seeded the program with a whopping $15,000, got coverage for it in the mass media, including People Magazine and USA Today, both of which encouraged readers to donate to the fund. HSUS even solicited corporate grants.

      Shelters had to formally apply via a lengthy process for grants of “up to $2,000.” HSUS approved 11% of the applications. Later, Humane Watch exposed the fact that HSUS was continuing to raise money for the Foreclosure Fund long after it was ended, with HSUS citing “financial constraints.”

      You can’t make this stuff up.

  • Carrol Ryan

    Not happy about this as I am a regular donor. I will definately donate to my local shelter from now on.

    • HoosiersH8LibTards

      That’s the way it should be…..local charities and individuals like us who are involved at the community level. Not giving advice, but every dollar I donate, I do so in person. I look at where and how the money is bring spent and always request their State and Federal licensing and get a copy of their accounting filings. Any group that refuses any of these requests never gets a dime.

  • Reality Check

    This is abhorred and criminal.. Thismmakes me very upset.

  • Jane

    HSUS is anti animal use by any humans, all animals.

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  • Hail_To_Reason

    They are the worst kind of animal abusers.

  • hunt458

    They’re a political lobby group, not a shelter although they do give small amounts to some shelters.

    • handgunnar

      …and according to the evidence, it’s a VERY small amount.

  • Grog61856

    The Humane Society of the United States is a big scam! Give only you your local shelter or directly to any other shelter, or rescue organization.

  • Kathy

    The ASPCA is the same. They do not give money to your local SPCA. They are the SPCA for New York City – that is the only shelter they have and they take in millions of dollars because people think it is sent to their local SPCA. GIVE DIRECTLY TO YOUR LOCAL SPCA!

    • Kentucky red

      I used to watch shows on TV of them supposedly rescuing animals. I always thought their food test was very unfair to the dog.

    • NewOrleans143

      The ASPCA cannot be trusted either?? I give $25.00 each month to them! Well, that does that…..NO MORE!!!

  • tmg13

    My wife donated to these people but not a cent any more

  • JPVan

    Worse than most charities, but another shady operation is End Genocide Now, formerly known as Save Darfur. While those who put +/- 1% of dollars raised to ‘presumed’ purpose, it should shock us all that not-for-profits as a group (controlling $3.8 trillion in assets; with annual revenues of $1.8 trillion and annual expenditures of $1.7 trillion) only manage to distribute a small percentage of their resources to anyone other than themselves. It’s a neat trick when most of their grants go to other not-for-profits, each with its own ‘absorption’ of resources. The quarterly GDP breakdown does show a line item for what exits their subculture – less than $150 billion per quarter or about 10% of assets under management (asset base and annual receipts are $5.6 trillion).

    The greed under the guise of helping good causes would make a hedge fund manager blush.

    Find best-rated charities or you may as well torch your money.

  • CACooper

    We generously donate to the Denver Dumb Friends League and I urge everyone to do the same. They are a private organization, founded in 1910, that accepts no government money. They take in any animal, in any condition and do their best to treat, rehabilitate and adopt them out. A fantastic shelter that has hundreds of volunteers. And they work with other shelters in the country finding homes for all animals, including abandoned and neglected horses. They are truly amazing! Here’s a link:


  • Kentucky red

    Do they actively seek out and kill pet’s like PETA does?

    • Nick Nicholas


      • Kentucky red

        That’s insane. I am beginning to think that most of the group’s who claim to be their to help animals. I don’t consider myself no bleeding heart when it comes to animal’s. I like to eat meat. I used to rabbit hunt and someday plan to start back up hunting. However I find the eagerness and love of killing pet’s like dogs and cat’s to be disgusting.

  • Icorps1970

    This is supposed to surprise people? Its a SCAM people. Good grief.

  • Jason Bourne

    Most non-profits are legal scams. Very little of the money received in donations actually goes to the cause. Most of it is spent on lavish executive compensation, travel, meals, other shady related non-profits and businesses. Another shady non profit is Wounded Warrior Project.

    • Doug

      only ones that I have heard of giving most of the money they receive is the dav and vfw and even then it still isn’t the full amount but better than any of the others including wwp!! too busy paying workers and hmfic’s!!

  • Barry Cole

    Anti human is their credo.

  • Ronnieam

    I don’t give a dime to them or to the MDA !! Its all to pay for executives salaries !!!!

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  • Claude Dowden

    I am sure the lions share goes to administrative expenses like some of our other nation charities

    • Graywolf12

      True. Look at some like “Wounded Warrior Association” They are even anti-second amendment.

  • MisterCadet

    I would not use the word “ignorant” to describe HSUS donors. You would be shocked at how many people, young and old, well educated and not, believe that HSUS is the national HQ for local Humane Society shelters. Even award-winning journalists have been fooled by professional liar Wayne Pacelle. One example comes from a 2013 interview with Pacelle on Yahoo business, part of a series of profiles of CEO’s. The reporter stated that Pacelle “oversees the Humane Society’s adoption programs.” Any charity President with a moral compass would never have misled this journalist. If it was the reporter’s mistaken assumption, Pacelle should have contacted her to set the record straight before or after it was published. He wouldn’t think of raising money by stealing credit for the work of the little people, would he?

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  • j011254

    No one should ever donate any money to a “charity” that advertises on TV. HSUS is not an animal rights organization, it is a lavish lifestyle generator for their executives. One does wonder however, how many tax dollars went to fund HSUS? Now that is a real waste of tax dollars.

  • Graywolf12

    HSUS should advertise, “We hate guns, and care less about animals, so shut up and give us our money”.

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  • nerdyredneck

    MOST charities are scams nowadays. 🙁

  • john Everett Walker

    PETA and HSUS serve two purposes. The intended purpose is to raise money for the grifters who run them. Secondarily they function as a safety valve for raving psychotics who need a focus for their lunacy.

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  • Marianna George

    The United Way is evil too.

  • 7worldtraveler

    You know when I KNEW something was hinkey with HSUS? When I got an email from them asking me to support offing Scott Brown in the senate race against Elizabeth Warren! Scott Brown! smh…

  • Paula Prindle

    If 30 people are giving 8- 10$ a month..that will barely cover food, Vet and foot care, upkeep on barns, land taxes for acreage..most people who sponser horses do not assume all of the care of a single horse..cats yes. A rescue near us is lucky to see a 20$ donation more than once or twice a week. Plus the owners of these places do not take a salary all of the feeding, cleaning etc is done for free or by Volunteers. I can promise you that Wayne has probably never used a Pooper Scooper in his life.

  • Diana Mcgee

    I have heard this before outrageous ! Now I know ! they are shameful. Now in search for the most honest way to help are animal’s !

  • Diana Mcgee

    I heard a rumor ! that the top guy,does Not even like dog’s, and is pocketing million’s o is this true ?

  • christina dobbs

    Thanks for mentioning that. Our neighborhood Humane Society finds homes for THOUSANDS of animals, they take in wildlife, rescue pigs, birds, chickens, horses….even reptiles