How to Help Animals in Oklahoma

OKDogMonday’s tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma, did a tremendous amount of damage to people. But in any disaster animals are also affected. In fact, one of the first videos that emerged after the twister showed a woman pulling her dog safely out of the rubble of what was her home during an interview with CBS News.

Today we’ve put out a press release advising folks to support local animal groups on the ground in Oklahoma and not the Humane Society of the United States. The Humane Society of the United States opportunistically uses crises, always seeking the next fundraising haul. HSUS is already raising money even though its team is merely “on standby.” And its record is troubling.

According to documents published by the New York Attorney General, HSUS raised nearly $2 million after Hurricane Sandy and yet only spent 35 percent of that on Sandy relief. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, HSUS unscrupulously begged for “emergency donations” despite a disaster relief expert with HSUS’s own international arm admitting that nothing could be done at the time to help animals there. And milking the media around Michael Vick’s 2007 arrest, HSUS raised funds on the promise to “care for the dogs seized in the Michael Vick case … your gift will be put to use right away to care for these dogs.” Yet HSUS was not caring for the dogs and CEO Wayne Pacelle actually recommended that the dogs be “put down” (killed).

If you want specifics on how to help animals affected by the Oklahoma tornado, HuffPo has posted a list of places that you can give to and descriptions of what each group is doing. Here are some examples:

Oklahoma City Animal Shelter: If you would like to donate for the animals, contact Cathryn English with the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter. It needs food, blankets, and towels right now, but it is best to call and ask first. Call (405) 297-3100 or (405) 297-3088.

Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City: This nonprofit is accepting food donations and offering dog food, cat food, leashes, collars, food bowls and other supplies to those in need. Call (405) 664-2858.

Central Oklahoma Humane Society is in need of towels, paper towels, gloves and food for volunteers. Donations can be dropped off at either 5420 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK, or 2905 70th St. NW, Oklahoma City, OK. Visit its website to make a donation to its disaster relief fund.

As for HSUS, we want to see a full accounting of the money it’s pulling in off of the Oklahoma disaster. But that would require honesty—something the organization has too often lacked in the past.

[Update: Some readers have asked about larger, national groups. The Oklahoman reports that the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Canine Support and Relief Fund is helping pet owners and shelters.]

Posted on 05/23/2013 at 4:29 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • jean wick

    Why do organizations take advantage of such a horrible crisis to make money off the people who really want to help the ones in need , this is so wrong and not fair to the animals and the shelters that really need the help, how could these people look in the mirror and feel good about themselves, to me it’s the same as steeling why don’t theses organizations do what they are supposed to do with the donations and help the honest shelters that care ! 🙁

    • WORSEKarma

      Jean, what you have to understand is that the H$U$ is the fundraising arm for the Animal “Rights” movement. These people don’t actually care about animals, except in the context of outlawing all human contact with them, and eliminating all domestic species. They look in the mirror and feel good about themselves because denying needed resources to local shelters does exactly what they want done: It increases the death and suffering of domestic animals, which they view as “abused slaves who only want to die”.

  • JoAnn Wall

    Do you have any suggestions for large animal/equine/livestock organizations that need donations?

  • Mary Kelly

    If you are looking to help those recently affected by the tornado in Oklahoma, check out

    —>>>You can start an online food, homeless shelter or animal shelter drive for those in Oklahoma, and YouGiveGoods will deliver the exact goods your drive raises right to where it is needed most and it’s tax deductible!

  • Justin

    I have been personally helping with the temporary Moore animal shelter. The HSUS is nowhere to be found, but the American Humane Association has been here and has been a huge help. They just jumped in with their expertise and has taken control of the situation. As for food and supply donations, please do not send any more. We have more than we can handle.