HSUS CEO Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

Last night the Chronicle of Philanthropy broke the news that HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle is under internal investigation for sexual misconduct–sleeping with a junior staff member, specifically. Pacelle has been married for several years. (That’s Pacelle at right with Arthur E. Benjamin, an HSUS donor/fundraiser who has a history of sexual harassment allegations against him.)

The news comes at a time when accusations and rumors regarding sexual harassment at the hands of someone in Pacelle’s inner circle–former HSUS vice president Paul Shapiro–have been bubbling up on social media.

The HSUS board of directors has reportedly hired a law firm to handle the investigation–using donor money, we presume.

It’s unclear if the investigation is solely focused on Pacelle’s behavior with women on staff, or if they are investigating his role in covering up any of Shapiro’s alleged activities and actions.

Posted on 01/26/2018 at 10:20 am by Humane Watch Team.

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  • Nancy Glick

    Nothing would surprise me with Pacelle. He’s a lying piece of scum with a long history of working with radical animal rights groups. Many in those groups who think animals and humans are equal have stated they have no issues with beastiality. Putting on a 3 piece suit will never take the sleaze out of a sleazebag. He has no love of animals, which he’s stated himself in the past. He says he’s kind to them but has never had a hands on fondness for them. His love is and always has been money. Thanks to donors he’s rolling in it.

    • JOAN S.

      Who says that they have no issue with bestiality?

      • Nancy Glick

        If you read I said some of them. And they said it. Ingrid Newkirk and several of her followers. They believe animals and humans are equal and see no issue with beastiality. Before going to HSUS Wayne Pacelle was with PETA and also with ALF.

    • Maggie Nutter

      “Putting on a 3 piece suit will never take the sleaze out of a sleazebag.” Love that statement.

  • Rhonda Carter

    If it looks like a weasel, and grins like a weasel and smells like a weasel…………it’s usually a weasel.

  • Sharon McKenzie

    Looks like Mr. “I Never Want to See Another Cat or Dog Born” has a little side hobby…now I guess we will be seeing an onslaught of HSUS TV commercials begging for money to cover all these legal fees, all the while lying about how the donations are going to “save animals”, along with claims that this site is responsible for the claims of sexual misconduct.

  • norhymenoreason

    I hope this takes him down. Nothing else is….scumbag.

  • Carol Stuart

    H$U$ has been fleecing the donors for years while spreading misinformation about their activities. Wayne with his “One generation and out” approach to removing animals from our society is so filled with hubris I suspect he may have more than a few skeletons in his closet and those aren’t skeletons of all the animals they have euthanized.


    Well, THERE is a surprise…………NOT….!!!

  • Anissa K Antwine

    he is a piece of garbage and nothing he says or does surprises me !! hsus is a sham and so are the people that run it !!

  • Janice Kiseskey-Anderson

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!
    I hope that he and all his loathsome ilk are all held accountable for their disgusting behavior and actions. And that it brings an end to such a corrupt and disingenuous organization.
    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!