HSUS Employee Charged over Criminal Caribbean Caper

newsLast night, news broke that HSUS employee Atiya Pope has been charged with embezzling over $30,000 from the animal-rights group. Obviously this should be concerning for those who have supported the animal rights organization with their donations. Ironically, the charges that Pope ran up on the company credit card allegedly include a fancy vacation to Aruba.

Perhaps this didn’t immediately raise red flags with the organization, since they have so many other dealings in the Caribbean. Incredibly, HSUS has stashed $50 million of donor money into Caribbean-based hedge funds. It’s telling when a “humane society” favors tax shelters over pet shelters.

Other purchases that Pope allegedly ran up on the company credit card include a $17,307 Enterprise Rent-A-Car bill, and additional food and gasoline expenses. But as ABC 7 News reports, the fraud went on for two years and was uncovered when her new supervisor did a “light audit.”

What incompetence at HSUS.

ABC 7 News reported that staff at the Humane Society of the United States were “stunned” by the allegations, but we believe the public and HSUS donors would really be stunned if they realized not just how much money HSUS sends to the Caymans and Bermuda, but what a tiny percentage of HSUS’s money goes towards local pet shelters. Our polling shows that 87% of HSUS donors are unaware that HSUS gives just 1% of its budget to local shelters.

For the amount of money HSUS sends to this area instead of helping presently needy animals, someone should consider naming a beach bar drink after HSUS. Something that gives you a good hangover and induces vomit.

Posted on 06/23/2015 at 11:35 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • Cathy Koch

    when are they going to be investigated and outted as the frauds they are?

    • John Keeter

      As long as the HSUS keeps padding the politician’s pockets, they will be safe. Only when the politicians are in fear of being exposed for the criminals that they are, will the HSUS, have anything to worry about.

    • halh

      been done time and time again, here we see it once again. the better question would be “when are people gonna stop being so stupid?”

  • Ruth DelaCerda

    Nathan Wingrad of the No Kill Coalition has been trying to tell people for years. If they would only listen.

  • June Haggar

    Is the HSUS going to prosecute her and get the money back? What role did she play in the organization to be able to use a credit card to that extent?

  • The Advocate for Truth

    No Surprise. Finding a crook in a crooks house…

  • Respect_is_earned_not_given

    I know first hand that here in SouthEastern Michigan that Humane Society shelters are racked with nasty, uncaring doctors. All their animals are just numbers to them! I had a neighbor steal my dog from my yard one morning. I let my dog out to go to the bathroom and when he did not come to the door with in his normal 15 minutes span, I went to check on him. I found out he was missing. I had a neighbor that was the jealous commenting type…always snooping and commenting on what is going on with the neighbors. Well, I nicely questioned someone in his home and found out that he was mad that morning because my dog was barking at a squirrel he feeds.

    Two of my teen age kids and I raced to the local animal shelter to see if he took my dog there while two of my other teen age kids and a few neighbors looked through the neighborhood. When we got to the Humane Society in Shelby Township, MI, we were told that if our dog was there then whoever brought the dog in would have been given a ticket with a number on it. We told them that the dog was stolen from our yard and therefore we would not have access to the number, could we look at the dog kennel and cages to see if our was there. We were told, “Too bad! You must have the number or we cannot help you! Go get the number from the person who may have stole your dog, otherwise we cannot help you!” We were shocked! We pleaded right there in the lobby of the shelter for them to change their mind and let us look. They workers there threatened that if we kept begging instead of leaving they would call the cops. Many people in the lobby also tried to get them to change their minds, but the shelter manager insisted that we had to have the ticket number.

    Then the shelter manager finally admitted that there was a guy that came in just a few minutes ahead of us that brought in “a really good natured dog” and “he insisted that the dog was feral!” Like any loving dog owner, w pleaded again to see the dog, so we can see if it was rightfully ours. We were told, “Well, one of our staff members informed the guy that we have a policy here that for an extra fee we could waive the 3-day hold rule and euthanize the dog immediately!” We were shocked! The manager went on to say, “So the guy agreed to pay the extra fee and the dog was euthanized as you were walking in the shelter.” As we cried, we asked to see and possibly claim the dog’s body to give it a loving burial and again we were told, “Lady, we keep telling you…You must have the claim number of the dog or we cannot let you see or take the dog!” Needless to say, me and my teen-age kids were devastated by the lack of compassion the Shelby Township, MI – Humane Society had!!

    Over the years, I have talked to other people and have heard other nasty stories about that particular H.S. shelter. I eventually did get another dog after that neighbor finally moved. I had an vet nurse that had done worked at another H.S. confide in me about the Shelby Twp, MI – Humane Society. This vet nurse was working at my vet’s office. She told me that many of the Humane Society vets are known not to do actually health checks on their animals brought to their individual shelters. “They go in early in the morning and just stand outside of the animal cages and just point at which animals they want the staff to euthanize to make room in the shelters. And it doesn’t matter to the vet if the animal looks healthy or not!” She told me that she tried to go up the chain of command to alert other Humane Society staff and was ignored, which is why she decided she could not work for them and left.

    Try calling the State of Michigan and you will be told that since people are not willing to flood the news with complaints to demand better anti-cruelty laws, the senators and reps will not do a damn thing to help shutdown abusive animal shelters! Why are people, like you, electing and re-electing policians that have no interest in stopping animal and domestic abuse? These lame politicians campaign to better our schools and health care, but they do nothing to get fired up and speak out about writing laws that will be tough against people that think it is o.k. to bully and abuse animals and people. What good is it to demand a child is not bullied or left behind in our public schools, if the same child goes home to parents or guardians that feel it is there right to enslave there child by daily verbal and physical abuse tactics, because they don’t want the responsibility of raising the child? (If you do not want to take on the responsibility of giving up your time to raise a child, then make sure you and your partner use birth control – its that simple!) What good does it do to tell people to stop buying fur coats and other such items, if no one wants to demand that sever laws will be written and sentenced to the person(s) in each of our neighborhoods that is caught abusing an animal. There should be laws written that severely fines and jails animal mill owners and smugglers. We, as a society, should not fear recalling any judge that only gives out lite court sentences to heinous abuse crimes, simply because the judge hopes that the criminal may vote for him come election time. We need to stop electing lame politicians. We need to stop fearing politicians that are solely in it to get freebee perks from lobbyists. Take the bullying tactics and lazy, “don’t really care” attitudes away from the politicians by asserting our rights to recall those that are getting financially fat from the lobbyists perks and are not doing much to help protect society. Think about this…If you knew of 4 politicians that were not really working to better society, but instead were just letting lobbyists fund their lives. And you had the ability to fire (recall) 3 of those politicians based on their lack of hard work. Do you think the 4th politician will continue to be lazy? Or, do you expect him or her to say, “Whoa, I better prove I can do what I campaigned to do or I will be the next one out of a job?” The power to stop abuse is in the heart and mind of each person, not just politicians.

  • Cleo Lenora Wolf

    Son of a ***** should be locked up for a very long time!!!! I’ve supported the HSUS for many years!!! grrrrrr:(

  • henbane88

    Taking lessons from federal employees