HSUS is Not Your Local Humane Society

There’s widespread confusion among the public about the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and local humane societies. Public polling has found that people are widely confused about what HSUS is and isn’t. And surveys have found that HSUS donors are confused. Even HSUS’s CEO admits this—at least, privately.

Here are the facts:

We’re releasing a new report showing just how little HSUS gives to your state in terms of grants to support pet sheltering. You can read it here, and we’ve boiled the numbers down to a state-by-state basis on this chart. Feel free to print this and disseminate it as you see fit at trade shows, events, and so forth.

Update: Where do funds go? See here for an idea.


Posted on 12/23/2013 at 2:53 pm by Humane Watch Team.

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  • dickclark

    What are their funds used for? Can you show a pie chart?

    • Nina L. Ferretti

      Mostly fundraising expenses. There is a very small link in the last sentence of the text that takes you to the information you’re looking for. Click the word “here.”

    • Christy

      Dick, they are largely a lobbying organization. Unfortunately, most of what they lobby for I would not support. For example, we have some reptile pets. They are very well cared for, but HSUS would love to outlaw people having reptiles for pets.

  • Dawn Bartholomew

    That is absolutely terrible!

    • norskejente

      Dawn, see my post above.

  • Mike Gable

    A gift to HSUS is a gift to the CEO.

  • ..

    Why hasn’t this been sent to every newspaper and politician in the USA?/

    • Kevin Walter

      Because they don’t care.

  • Dicky Byrd

    I knew HSUS was a scam all along. I don’t know what they claim on animal shelters. But I know like other groups that are out to scam. They lie about our seal hunt and get away with it. They slander a people with typical propaganda that is against the truth. I am glad the world is getting educated about these guys. I hope now instead of people donating to them. They donate to people doing real work. People out trying to save endangered species and their local animal shelters.

  • John Arts


  • ann

    choose to donate local!! I buy bagged foods, litter, and chew toys etc…. that way I’m sure to believe that at least an animal receives it. HSUS is a disgrace!

  • Black Shepherd

    Why doesn’t the IRS bust them? If they claim to be 501c3 they need to be better policed.

  • Siphrania

    Shocking! Terrible to see this! Those commercials tug my heart strings and this org does nothing to help animals!

  • Suzanne Burleigh

    Sounds like an even larger scam than the guy who started and is still running the “Pet Food Stamps” program no one has gotten assistance through. Perhaps social media can bring more awareness to what exactly the HSUS does, or should I say, doesn’t do.


  • Gordo2772

    Individuals can be geniuses. Groups of people can be easily coerced and be made to be fools. That’s exactly what H$U$ does. They prey on people and their emotions. Just another scam, EXACTLY like all religions.

  • Vertical Asana

    if it’s on the internet, it must be true…