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  • Anti-Zoo HSUS Exec Infiltrates Zoo Community

    We wrote recently about Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle speaking at next month’s annual meeting of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). There are a handful of zoo and aquarium directors who have drank the PETA/HSUS Kool-Aid. But Pacelle’s invitation by executive director Dan Ashe has created significant concern among AZA members. Pacelle is on record saying he envisions a future without pets—”I don’t want to see another cat or dog born.” He and his followers are also no friends of those who keep animals in “prisons.”  Also troubling for the AZA is its tin ear regarding other invited speakers. We already mentioned the speaking slot (since vacated) given to HSUS staffer Jonathan Balcombe, who says, “If you apply my rule of thumb, then very few species of fishes can adequately be kept in a tank.” He claims, “Each fish is a unique individual…with a biography.” (Do they have their own resumes, too? Will A&E now profile important fish?) His mindset is one more example of the HSUS narrative that equates animals to human species.

  • HSUS Failures on Capitol Hill Mount

    This week a letter signed by several dozen Members of Congress—who are members of HSUS’s so-called Animal Protection Caucus—was sent to the House agriculture committee ranking members asking that HSUS-backed provisions be included in the 2018 Farm Bill. The request is quite telling—because it goes to show how little success HSUS has had over the past several years in getting its legislation through on its own.

  • HSUS Silent on Inhumane Acts Committed by Animal Rights Activists

    The Humane Society of the United States has a credibility problem almost as big as PETA’s. HSUS demands that people treat animals “humanely.” But when it comes to people and organizations within the animal rights movement, HSUS’s “humanity” is nowhere to be seen.

  • AZA Giving HSUS Opportunity to Plug HSUS

    The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is the largest zoo accrediting group in the United States, and is part of a worldwide network of accredited zoological institutions that contribute greatly to animal conservation and public education. The existence of zoos, however, is threatened by radical animal rights groups including HSUS and PETA, who have spread anti-zoo propaganda to children and other demographics. These groups are laying the groundwork to undermine public acceptance of zoos (which is currently very high).

  • Failed HSUS Ordinance Steals Thousands from Charity

    Yet another city has tabled an HSUS-backed ordinance to ban circuses in its city limits. The committee in Newark, OH charged with deciding the proposal’s fate decided not to send it to the full city council. A bi-partisan majority, two Democrats and two Republicans, refrained from seconding the motion to vote, effectively killing the proposed law.

  • HSUS Protest Creates a Whimper

    Last Thursday Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the United States, threatened “protests in the street, from Reno to Washington” if the Department of the Interior went forward with a proposed management plan for the surplus of wild horses out West that includes culling some of the herd. But this promised stampede of protesters appears to be a bluff, if HSUS’s record is any sign.