Did Michael Vick Just Buy an Attack Dog? (Thanks, HSUS)

Pacelle and Vick

The pet-loving world was shocked last fall when Michael Vick got a dog, just a few years after serving time in federal prison for his role as a dogfighting kingpin. While involved with dogfighting, Vick personally drowned, slammed, and hanged dogs to death, according to a USDA investigation.

Now Vick has acquired a second dog, and it’s a Belgian Malinois, a breed that’s used by the military and police. TMZ reports that “Vick’s new dog is the WORST possible breed for a convicted dog killer … and that’s from the official organization that breeds the dog,” the American Belgian Malinois Club and Rescue. [Update 3/7/13: The ABMC contacted us and directed us to a statement disputing the TMZ report, which reads in part, “This article does not reflect the position of the AMBC. We are concerned about the image this article might portray to the public about our breed and our club.”]

Fair question: Would any of this be happening if Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, had not endorsed Vick?

Following Vick’s release from prison, Pacelle partnered with Vick, allowing the convicted felon to become an HSUS ambassador and go on a speaking tour, which helped rehabilitate Vick’s public image. It surely didn’t hurt that Pacelle’s group received a $50,000 “grant” from Vick’s employer, the Philadelphia Eagles. The outcome for animals is a bit more questionable.

Then, Pacelle took it a step farther in December 2010, telling the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner.”

That was a shocking statement to make. A lot of people disagreed with that statement then and continue to do so. Vick getting a dog last fall ripped a scab off a wound, and his getting a second dog will be a slap in the face to many. But Vick has P.R. “cover” provided by Wayne Pacelle and the Humane Society of the United States.

Belgian Malinois, the breed of Vick’s new dog, are medium-sized but can be trained to pack a punch. A Malinois reportedly accompanied the SEAL team on its mission to take out Osama bin Laden. Here’s one training video:

Obviously, the dogs have to be taught to do this. But given Vick’s résumé, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if dog lovers are a bit apprehensive about Vick’s new pup.

Maybe Vick’s next acquisition will be a pit bull or a Rottweiler. But hey, HSUS president Wayne Pacelle has assured us that Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner.” So we should all just stop worrying and be quiet, right?

Posted on 03/06/2013 at 11:06 pm by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • This is truly messed up!!!! He shouldn´t be able to have animals AT ALL, PERIOD!!!! Who´s gonna protect these poor lives behind closed doors???? Obviously not him!!! Makes me sick, how the law works!!! As long as you got money, I guess you are all good….even if you are a cold blooded muderer! Sad enough, stupid people forgets and forgives real quick!!!…and the poor dogs, can´t choose for themselves….=`(

    • I’m tired of hearing how he did his time too… Tired of hearing about time served for his role in dog fighting! He did time because he DID NOT pay taxes on the money he made torturing dogs, puppies, & other peoples pets INCLUDING pets belonging to his children!!

      • Debi Dunn Shervey

        I’m appalled at what fame and money can do. This is probably THE most asinine thing I’ve ever heard

  • May Parker

    I was under the understanding Mike Vick was Ordered By the Judge to never have (own ) another dog..Since when does a person have the right to Rule Over a judges Decision ..That is Ilegal to do this..That is contempt of court!

    • alumette

      maybe we need to remind it to Wayne Pacelle. He is breaking the law. Can’t go over a Court order, if there was one.

  • As I said in a previous post this man shouldn’t even be allowed to own a cockroach

    • Teriqua Jones

      I’ll bet they don’t even come in his house. And I’m sure he is a filthy person.

    • Cindy Foster

      Ha. I didnt read any comments before I posted and I said the same damn thing…he shouldn’t even be allowed to own a cockroach

  • Teriqua Jones

    I hated watching this video and I hate the thought of Michael Vick owning a puppy. Whether the puppy is a Belgian Malinois or a Toy Poodle, if the dog is with Michael Vick it will be vicious. Vick is a sick angry man and I believe he will continue to torture and abuse animals and children forever. When a dog is treated the way Vick treats them, the dog will become mean, especially toward people.

  • HSUS president Wayne Pacelle has in stating that Vick “would do a good job as a pet owner” lost one contributor to their cause, permanently. There are too many good causes that need funds to donate to one that is so irresponsible, so consistently. Marian Medvec

  • zestolincoln

    Vick should have been dealt with in the manner he deserved several years ago when he was exposed for the bastard he is. Now his deeds are a distant memory for many folks – and his exploits on the football field bring nothing but notoriety and fame. People have forgotten that he is a despicable excuse for a human being by any stretch of the imagination – – –

  • Elisabeth Larsen

    You have wonderful articles. Please make them “pinnable” on Pinterest!!

  • sparkystiltskin

    The best option is to make it a problem for the Philly Eagles, don’t attack Vick it won’t accomplish anything- Make the argument that the Eagles endorse and condone animal torture- they will bend over backwards to avoid negative press.

  • Didi Magnin

    Mr Pacelle! I thought that HSUS did a good job but I was wrong. Any person who mistreats and torutres animals will NEVER CHANGE! Can’t you get that into your thick head?

    • Debi Dunn Shervey

      I will NEVER donate to the HSUS, or recommend that any one else donate to them. They are obviously not about protecting animals.

  • Cindy Foster

    I just saw a facebook post informing us of Sweet Gerogia’s passing one of the Victory Dogs saved from that POS Michael Vick, scumbag and thought I would do a little more research on what that POS is up to now. Low and behold I run across this article..yea a few months late. Are you kidding me that he not only has one dog but now has 2? I am beyond pissed and completely horrified he is even allowed to EVER own a pet. Where is the petition and where can I sigh bc the sorry SOB doesn’t have the right to own a cock roach after what he has done to those poor, innocent animals. Starved, beaten forced to fight and forced rape on the dogs. God forgive me I hope he rots in hell. I have a precious pitty that is my life and bc of sick SOB like him pitts get a bad name.

  • Janice Cabral

    Money buys you the right to abuse and get away with it. Same here in Brazil. Wayne Pacelle is a cold hearted business man making big bucks from hypocrisy and lies. I agree Vicks is not fit to own a cockroach let alone children or a dog. Wonder how he treats his wife? He is a danger to the public and should be watched constantly. Total sociopath. That was the polite way of putting it. In regular language ‘Sick Bastard’.

  • tracy prater

    I dont understand how someone that kids look up to is still allow to own dogs. Vick makes me sick and so does the team he plays for. What does this send out to our children. That if u have money that its ok to break the law an u get away with anything u want.

  • Jennifer L Everhard

    Why does the breed even matter? Wrong thing to pinpoint there HumaneWatch.

  • Heather Anderson Whipple

    What effing breeder in world would sell this monster a dog?!?! I wouldn’t sell this POS a pet rock. Do they not care that he TORTURED his dogs..not just fighting but beating, hanging, electrocution WTF…this sorry excuse for a human being should NEVER be aloud to own ANYTHING

  • Frances Takacs

    Wasn’t Wayne Pacelle the one who wanted to euthanize all the Vick dogs, sight unseen?

    • tinydancer1209

      Yes, I believe you are correct. So Vick deserves chance after chance after chance (just got almost a million dollar contract with the Steelers) but HSUS who are supposed to protect and care for animals, didn’t believe his victims (that survived) deserved one. HSUS is completely corrupt and I’ve read that less than 1% of all donations actually go to animal care.

      • Monalisa

        That’s not true. They are obviously easily bought but that 1% of donations is wrong. I think a charity-watch blog had it at about 75% of donations went to the cause and the rest was funneled into “expenses” (pockets)

  • Anne Boleyn

    i went to one of his pages on FB. I believe it was “Redemption” i asked if any money had been given to animal rescues, etc. No, to children was my answer. I guess more and more parents realise you do not want this sick twisted sack of excrement around your little ones – 2 or 4 feet!

  • Kay

    WTH … So Much Wrong With This …

  • alumette

    This guy should never have any animal. Period. There should be visits to check on the quality of life of his new dog. I expect he is at risk of something tragic happening to him. What is wrong with our justice system ? is it that defective ?

  • Marie Jones

    Why has no one asked Wayne Pacelle to step out of his role at the Humane Society? No amount of donation is enough to place a helpless animal in the position of being Michael Vicks dog. This man murdered poor dogs with his own hands, and the Humane Society endorses him as a dog owner? Unbelievable!

  • debrasimons

    Repulsive. I was hoping to hear of Vick’s demise instead hearing of another dog being given to this revolting psychopath and anyone who dares defend him is just as revolting.

  • Donna Rossomando-Mattera

    This is beyond disgusting to know that this man can own an animal after all that he had done in the past! Would u give a child sex offender a chance to adopt a child with a prison record knowing he raped and killed a child…. I think not! These animals have FEELINGS ppl they feel pain… They feel sadness they are forced into fighting and being forced to breed! When all they want to b is loved! Shame on the organization who allow Michael Vick or any other animal abuser to own another dog in their life. Disgusting!

  • Roberta Morrison

    How is he even allowed to own a dog? This jerk shouldn’t even have a black widow spider for a pet, and some dumb judge, doesn’t ban him from owning any dog?!

  • Vickie Rutherford White

    He is telling the dog lovers of the world and society at large he has enoughmoney to do what he damn well pleases and we can kiss his cruel ass

  • Conservative_Kentuckian

    We routinely release people from prison every day on the notion that they are reformed. If we are to continue to say that we can reform people who’ve committed crimes against people then logically we must extend that thinking to criminals against animals. If however rehabilitation is not possible then releasing criminals back into society should itself be a criminal act.