How Little Does HSUS Give to Shelters in Your State?

Shelter Grants 2011

The Humane Society of the United States gives only 1 percent of the money it raises to pet shelters. Surprised? You might be, if you’ve seen HSUS’s TV ads—you know, the ones full of needy dogs and cats. You, like most Americans, might think HSUS gives most of the money it raises to pet shelters. HSUS doesn’t. You, like most Americans, might think that HSUS is an umbrella group for humane societies. It isn’t. You might think that HSUS at least runs one pet shelter. It doesn’t.

Even most HSUS donors are confused.

We’ve updated our U.S. map so that you can see how little HSUS gives in grants to supporting pet sheltering in your state. As always, please share.

Update: A number of commenters have asked where the money does go. Read more here for an idea.

Posted on 01/16/2013 at 3:40 am by HumaneWatch Team.

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  • Todd Wheeler

    How is this possible? Where does the money go?

  • Amy Strauch

    send your money to your local shelter directly or donate other items like bleach, paper towels , trash bags. copy paper, etc. find out which veterinary clinic they use and pay on their account. call them up and ask them what they need most. they will love whatever you can give them.

    • sport_bike_chic

      I agree…. I rally for blankets in the winter time for my local shelter, I share animals up for adoption, donate my time washing said blankets above (which can be quite stinky….and rough on a washer) Foster, donate food, bleach, etc

  • Gary Patsy

    It’s a shame they can scam folks out of their money with those falsecomercials and a name that makes people think the US is behind it. Tax exempt to boot. Yet they get huge salaries.

  • Jackie Stanley

    find organizations like Raising Aid for Dogs at Risk or set up a fund at your local rescues vets office. This will ensure dogs are receiving care. Raising Aid for Dogs at Risk (RADAR) only pays money to the vet for a rescues. They say this is one way to weed out bad rescues and also makes sure the dogs go to the vet. If you research and are comfortable with a rescue make the donation (money, food, supplies, etc) directly to them.

  • chinook71

    They do a lot of lobbying and pay their executives and ad agencies quite well. Like the other comments here, give money directly to your local Humane Society, shelter or rescue group.

  • Paula Meyer

    Where does the money go?

    • Justine Stange

      INTO THEIR POCKETS! My dad is dating one of the heads of the Humane society and aside from being a pseudo vegetarian, (She eats ham, pastrami and bacon when she’s at home but not in public.) she is a horrible person. she wears expensive clothes, gets expensive salon treatments and drives a new car every few months. I HATE THIS WOMAN. I am passionate about animal rights, and cannot stand that money from the Humane Society goes to this peice of human garbage.

  • RonKeffer

    hell send your money to me